thread: Full Time Working Mummy here.... any others??

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    Jul 2003
    Sydney, Australia

    Full Time Working Mummy here.... any others??

    I am Full Time Working Mum of one.

    Returned to work when Lachie was just 4 mths old.

    Became post natally depressed when Lachie was about 18mths old, and then went part time... 4 days a week because of it.

    2003 came and I scored a promotion so went back full time... thinking it won't be long because TTC #2 however another 6months went by and scored another promotion and here I am...

    Still TTC #2 and looking soooooooooo forward to being a SAHM for at the very least 12mths if not longer...

    I am in NSW and work at Nth Sydney but live in SW I travel a long long way every day...

    Anyone else here a FTWM??

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    WOW Mishy what a workload! - I just dont know how you do it. I have problems being pregnant, working full time, and keeping the house. Dont know how I will cope when bubs is here!
    I wish you lots of luck TTC #2 sending you lots of baby dust and hope 2004 is your year

    Love Jen

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    Mum 2 Three Guest

    I am usually a part time working mum (5 days pw 9.00am - 2.00 pm) but am still on mat leave. Due to go back end of Feb. However for the past week and a half I have been doing some relief at my work and have been working from 9.00 am to 4.30pm. I take my hat off to full time working mums - I don't know how you do it all the time. I am stuffed, tea doesn't get on to late, I only see my baby awake for a short time each day.

    I wish you all the very best.

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    Jun 2003

    I spent last year working full time and the year before that 4 days per week. I find it easy and I am lucky that my kids have fallen into great routines. It may seem a drag but they do it with no complaints. They also know that me working enables us to go on holidays and have all the things they like such as going to the movies, birthday parties etc... Due to me working full time we have managed to get a new car and go on holidays to the Gold Coast for 2 weeks.

    I will be working full time for as long as I can ... as close to EDD as possible with my planned maternity leave to begin 2 wks before bubs is due.

    I am a teacher so I will take the last few weeks of term 2 off and all of term 3 put plan to go back to work in term 4 for 2 or 3 days per week. I have been a SAHM and it really isn't for me ... that's not to say its a bad thing, dont get me wrong ... it is just not me!! I love working and the kids at school need me just as much as my kids at home do.

    I went back to work, part time ie 3 days, when Emma was 2mths old and spent the other 2 days at Uni. With Jack we lived in the country and he still went to day care for 2 afternoons, fromt he time he was 4mths old so I could study. We already have a day care centre for Em & jack for before and after school care and the staff there are great, so I will have no problems putting bubs into care for a couple of days a week.

    I understand for some people it is a hard decision to make and I also know that for others there is no choice. I am lucky in that I get 6 wks paid maternity leave which I can take over 12 weeks at half pay ... some others are not so lucky. Ryan is being totally supportive of my choices about work adn has told me I can have more time off but I don't want to ... not at the moment anyway, that may all change once bubs arrives but I doubt it.

    Good luck in making your decision ... it can be tough but ultimatley it has to be right for you and your family!


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    Mum22boys Guest

    Hi - I work full-time & am mum to 2 boys. I've worked since my eldest was 12 weeks old which was not fun. I cope but I don't know how. I have had enough of dragging the kids out of the house at 7am every day though and then only having a little time in the evening with them. We are hoping to have a no 3 and am going to try and stay off work for as long as we can manage and then if I need to go back, hopefully find some part-time work.

    Take care -

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic


    I went to Uni full time for 1 yr after my 1st, went back when she was 2 wks old but then basically stayed home till she was 6 months old, and then had a full year of full time uni. Then i studied at night, 3 nights a week and did casual relief teaching almost full time for 5 school terms. The I got a full time job, and dh was also working full time so we did the dragging her out, 3 days to creche and 2 to my mums. It was ok, I enjoyed working and we coped. Then I had baby 2, took 1 term off school, and went back when ds was 13wks old. That wasn't as easy. I had PND and was soooo tired, I almost fell asleep driving home one night.

    We decided we'd try for baby 3 and I made the decision that I would not return to full time work until I have used all the time I have off. I have family leave of 7 yrs, unpaid of course, and I can get 1 extra yr leave without pay.

    I have been off work since Jan 2003, and at times I miss work, but mostly I miss the kids and adult company, not all the meetings and other crap that goes with it. I sort of regret working full time in some ways. Mostly things like missing my oldest dd starting school. I was teachng preps that year and I couldn't be there to see her off, and that was hard. This has worked out really well as I now get to see ds go to kinder and I can be home until even baby 4 (unborn yet) finishes prep.

    I will work between then of course, as I can do casual relief (emergency) teaching. I worked by choice and by necessity, but I know that I will be happy to return to work when it is time. I think we each should do what we want to do, and not listen to the opinion of others. When I was working it was harder of both me and dh, especially as at one stage he was working day and night, and we only saw each other 10 mins in the morning and on weekends.

    But I have to say being a SAHM is just as much work as when I was working.

    Cheers Michelle

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    bextasboys Guest

    working mums

    Hi everyone,

    I used to work full time until I had my third child (i now have 4 - Lachie will be 1 on the 31st March).

    I gues you could say that I still work full time - just in a different capacity. I am a "full-time" mum and i run my own business form home - its great. I am at home when my two older sons (Chris 12 and Nick 10) come home from school and I only have to put Michael (2 and 1/2) into preschool 2 days per week as a type of break for me - plus he loves it!!!

    My yahoo ID is bexta1972 if anyone wants to chat - or just email me through the forum!!

    Great to be a part of it and I hope to chat with you all soon!


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    Tan Guest

    Hi everyone. I went back full-time when bub was three months due to having committed myself to an overseas posting. So I have been busy juggling a new bub, learning a new language and just recently moved overseas, so am now living in a new country. Trying to be a good mum and be good at my job has been a juggling act but it feels like it is slowly coming together.
    Some days I wish I had more time at home with bub, but I certainly make the most of the time I am with her. Still not sure if I am cut out to stay at home full time. I love my job, so as long as I am able to juggle - I will.


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    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    Hi All,
    I am a work from home mum. I have 4 kids - they are 14/14/12 & 11 months.
    I started working again when Kayne was 4 months old - due to financial reasons. It is hard cos people forget that you are working and expect that youare free to do things as if you were not working. I constantly get hassled about not visiting people - its a bit hard when I am working !
    I still do all the house work as well as everything else. DH sort of helps - but not really a much as I would like.
    I would like to have another bubs for Kayne - since there is such a big age gap. Gotta convince DH!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I am having a drama at the moment. I just started working part time (5 days 10.30am-2.30pm) but managed to start when I was 5 weeks pregnant (bad timing). I am finding it extremely draining, and am going to have to do something about it. I've been sick from it and am getting bad headaches. The hard part is going straight to pick DD up after school, and having not one second to rest. I've had m/s pretty full on, and I know I would feel alot better if I could just relax. I'd also get to clean the house, do the washing etc, which is not getting done.
    Weekends are no good as I have DD and it's hard to do all my chores etc with a child who needs to be fed, entertained etc.
    I am asking work if I can make it 4 days (there is not much work for me to do anyway), but Im really nervous about asking. I just know it's either cut down, or quit. It would be different if it was a great job, but it is so boring and very basic.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh thats hard Meg! I told work when I was 5 weeks PG and that as soon as possible I wanted to start shortening my hours (9hour days on my feet 90% of the time) I did that after a few months and went down to 3 full days a week and a Saturday half. That helped heaps. I now work half Saturdays again and DH looks after Matilda...and does 2 chores

    But if they aren't interested, then I guess it is whether or not the job is worth it? Its a really hard call, especially when you need the $$....