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    As I haven't been in my job for 12 months by the time the Midget is due I have to resign my position which puts me as unemployed for about 6 months (as childcare down here is impossible to get before dec / jan) Did anyone else have to resign and how did this make you feel? I was really mad as I like my job and would happily have taken leave without pay so that I knew I had a job to come back to after it all!

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    Oh Candy honey, I so hear you.

    I had been trying to fall pg for years and eventually gave up trying. I was retrenched from one position as administrators had been appointed but quickly got a position starting only 2 weeks later.

    3 month later I found out I was pregnant. Thrilled at finally conceiving, I was very excited, but also worked out that I would be at my job 10.5months when I wanted to stop working prior to birth.

    I'd worked my butt off for this company as I had been employed as the 'receptionist' and ended up doing payroll and acct payable and receivable because the accounts girl was sick for about 6/7 mths of the 10.5 I was there.

    I told the MD when I was 12 weeks as it was just before Christmas and knew I'd be showing before we came back after the break as the factory shut down for a couple of weeks. I'd also said that although I'd like to take time off post birth, I'd love to come back to the job.

    Anyay to cut a long story short, the MD said nothing to me even though I'd mentioned wanting to return for several months until I gave him a letter formally advising of my condition and wishing to take leave.

    Well the [email protected] basically said that they wouldn't take me back as they were not going to continue the position. Pi$$ed off to the max with his attitude because of all I had contributed, I realised there was nothing that I could do. I WAS going to have a baby, and there was no way I could stop that. So I resigned, realising that it wasn't worth returning to that company, if that was their attitude.

    When it's a suitable time, you may be able to negotiate with your employer to return to work, taking leave without pay - a friend of mine did this successfully, so it will depend on your company.

    The other thing you may find that is closer to your due date, you are more accepting of having to resign as you are contented with the idea of being at home with your baby for however long it is.

    You will always find another job, although I hope you are able to negotiate.

    Good luck

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    Unfortunately negotiation doesn't look possible regardless of effort put in here. Oh well. I'll be looking for work basically as soon ad the Midget arrives and then when I actually start work will depend on when we can get childcare. But financially it makes it really hard having me off work so being content with the idea of having nothing to come back to. Oh well, we'll see what happens in another 15 or so weeks.

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