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    Well, after all the stress last year of getting a new job then having to write out a job description for it within a couple of months, work have decided that they don't want to pay all the secretaries so are seeing who they can axe. We've had to make a big list of all the clinics we type and the extra stuff... problem is, I have a clinic secretary for all my clinic stuff, so according to the form I only work about 1-2 hours a week!

    However, when I did my final list I found I spent at least one working day on the phone (wow, I do talk!) and that's not including the "sweet old lady" calls - you know, the old dears who don't have anyone to talk to, so call me and tell me about their childhoods until I remind them about 10 times that their call had a purpose and did they want to ask me something about their medication/appointment? - I can be on the phone for about an hour with one of those people!

    My job should be safe, as if they sack me in the next year and a half I can say it's pregnancy discrimination and they have to provide a job for me to come back to, but even so it's a right pain to have to do!

    Just wondered if anyone else got so much hassle from managers with nothing to do about what their job entails and, when you look at it, how much time do you all spend chatting to clients, relatives of clients, people asking advice and chasing stuff, and also people demanding stuff rudely! I get at a couple of rude ones every week, which is very demoralising.

    Also who is your favourite person to talk to? I do love my little old ladies, I admit - it's so nice to hear about Ireland in the 1920s or what someone's grandchild is doing that could be related to grandma's problem (it invariably isn't).

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    Ryn, What kind of job do you work in?
    Anyway, I would hope they wouldnt axe your job, as you could well say they discriminated against you because of your pregnancy. I'm sure you work more than 2 hours a week too! What else would someone do for the other 30 odd hours?

    I havent had too much hassle in my jobs, but I have always worked in *****-kicker type jobs which involve alot of nothingness. Though I have had jobs where I have been expected to do a whole lot more than my job description states.

    I always found the oldies funny to talk to because half the time you have to repeat every second thing you say and speak really slow, so it take soooo long. Then you get to hear all their anecdotes that no one else will listen to, lol. I used to work at a company where most of our customers were elderly.

    Actually, the people I like talking to are the ones who know what they want and dont ask too many questions. Quick and easy.

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    OMG..Yes.. the business I use to work for would go on this yearly "What do you do around here" thing. We would have to write out everything we did in a day. It came straight from the 'boss' and the other girls would tell me to write it all down..every little detail.
    Once they saw my list they would only ask for 1 days worth to take to the boss. Funnily enough, I would never have my hours cut back LOL. Turned out good too, it gave me a chance to write down everything I was doing, (and photocopy) which will be handy when I return to work full time one day.

    My favourite part was chatting to all our clients/suppliers. It gave me a huge network of people and businesses to contact if I am ever looking for work if I move.


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    I'm a PA/secretary to a consultant in an NHS hospital, Karina. It's a very high-stress job, especially when people seem to think that I want to work 60 hours a week and that things happen overnight: there's a 6-month waiting list for one type of scan (I hate telling people that!) then another month for that scan to be reported. The main part of that job is to type clinics, but as I said, I have a clinic secretary to do that. Lucky me!

    My job is so varied though, some days I'm only on the phone once or twice, other days (like yesterday) I was on the phone almost all day and got next to nothing done. I even left 20 minutes late because I wanted to leave myself a neat-ish office!

    I'm contracted for 37.5 hours and I easily work 40 as I don't take lunch breaks very often; though recently I've been only doing 9-5 not 8.30-5 (well, I can't charge around in a morning now!) But then again, I'm on BB for an hour or so a day, so maybe that's my lunch break?

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    We have to do something similar every year Ryn and I work in Healthcare too. They say it's to help track our career progression and identify opportunities for us - I think it's micromanagement and an opportunity to sack people. All the process does is stress people out. We're busy ALL the time yet they have the gall to tell us we don't do enough? I just had someone last week tell me they're giving me more work because I don't do enough, this person spends 50% of his day avoiding clients and talking to his wife on the phone! Ggggrrrrrrr. So can't wait to leave! (Sorry to hijack your thread there!)

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    When i was a Dental Nurse, I also had to clean the surgery. My Boss once asked me to itemise every cleaning thing I do and how long it takes me to do it, but I think that was more to see if we could be more efficient.

    My favourite person to talk to was when I worked for a newspaper and there was this old lady we called BOBB - Batty Old Biddy in Blue because she had the onset of dementia and always wore this ratty old blue dress EVERY DAY!!!. She would come in and talk about the aliens and how they were fading her carpet and curtains and she had this thing about South African people too for some reason. She would also stand and read the paper and giggle to herself. It got to the stage though where i would worry about her if she didn't come in (she would be in every second day) because she still lived alone and only had meals on wheels and homecare to check on her.

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    This is because the managers, on six-figure salaries, decide we need to save a load of money so want to sack secretaries, who earn a pittance. After tax, <1000 a month. And they can't be bothered to go through the job descriptions we did the other year, they just want us to do it all again. I just can't believe that people honestly think I have 2 hours to fill out a stupid form!

    I can't wait for maternity leave either and really hope I leave soon after I go back. Or I get made redundant with a huge pay-off in about a year so can't go back. That sounds awful, as for the main I do love my work, just I think I'll go back for 6 months then leave and teacher train - I'll get a lot more money once I've done that and we'll be more used to living on the teacher training wage after my maternity leave. DH wants a large gap between children now (sigh) so I should have enough time to train and find a job and work there for a year before getting pregnant again.

    Then again, that's all form-filling too. Oh, I hope DH finds a hugely paid job and I don't have to go back at all!

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    Oh Ryn, I love talking to the Oldies. I find their stories sooo interesting. They just want someone to talk to and to be heard, dont they. The are such sweeties hey!.

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