thread: Should I tell an agency I'm pregnant?

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    Jul 2004

    Should I tell an agency I'm pregnant?

    Hi Gals

    I have just been for 2 agency interviews in the past week (for temp and contract work) and am going on my first temp job on Monday for 8 days. The thing is everyone has told me not to tell them I'm pregnant but I'm not so sure, I mean they are going to find out eventually and I don't want to mess anyone around (hence not going for a perm job). My fear is that they will not put me forward for longet term contracts and won't think of me as a first option when temp jobs come up.

    I was thinking that maybe I could tell them in 3 weeks or so and just let them know that the reason I hadn't told them earlier was because of our previous loss, and that we wanted to be sure this one was a sticky bub...
    What do you think?


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    Aug 2004

    Hi Jenn,

    Personally, I think I would tell the agency... Mainly so they know about your situation, and don't place you anywhere that you might be putting yourself or bubs in danger. Although I'm sure you can work that sort of thing out for yourself, it would just make it a bit less awkward if the workplace you're sent to asks you to do something you're not comfortable with after you've already started.

    Never been in that situation though, so this is not from experience!

    Good luck with whatever decision you make

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    I told my agency when I fell pregnant with Lachlan because I was in factory work and didn't want to be put into a position that consisted of heavy lifting, and they said most of the preg girls they have had worked till 7mths. I quit working at 5mths

    Not sure what sort of work you are doing, but if it wont endanger your baby, you don't want to tell them you don't have too till you are ready.


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    Oct 2004
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    oohhh wow i am in exactly the same position. i have just lined up a position with an agency as a nurse.i am facing the same dilemna.i am only 3 weeks though so i have plenty of time before i start to line of work though can be a bit physical and sometimes dangerous if i get an aggressive patient.i dont think i will be telling them that i am preg but as i grow larger i will so as to not be put with any such dangers.i guess i will let them know at about 16 weeks preg just before my bump starts to pop out.

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    Aug 2004


    I wouldn't tell them - unless you think your line of work could be damaging to the baby or yourself. Nursing or factory work are two good examples of situations where its appropriate to tell them I think.
    My sister got a temp job teaching when she was 4 months pg, and didn't tell them. She worked until about 7months I think? She felt guilty, but needed the money.
    They are not allowed to discriminate, but lets face it - someone non-pregnant will probably be considered before you if they have the same quals and experience. Its just the way it happens!

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    i wouldnt tell them unless you could harm baby i had just got a 3rd in charge position at katies i was there for abit over a month and found out i was pregnant so then the manager told me i couldnt do that job she ended up dropping my hours down to almost 1 day a week then when i said needed more hours she gave me a 9-9 shift so if you tell them they may not give position even though its discremanation just like my boss i told her i needed min $400 week then instead of firing me she couldnt do that she dropped me down to under $100 it was so dissapointing i ended up leaving at 5mths

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Personally, I'd not tell...
    You don't owe them anything & having worked with Agencies over a 9 yr period (as it was way better money) I used to leave & travel @ the drop of a hat & then come back & call them again, they expect it & don't think you need to tell them anything unless it was work that could cause problems...

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    Aug 2004

    i would tell them from an honesty point of view, whether they were my long term employee or not, I wouldnt want to get off on the wrong foot, by looking dishonest, that's just me.

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    Sep 2004


    I wouldnt tell them anything. Unless you thought that the position may do some harm to you or the bubs.

    So long as the temp position isnt too long term... I suppose they will be able to work it out for themselves soon enough anyway!


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    Oct 2003
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    Jenn I tried for temp work when I was 25 weeks PG looking for something less strenuous on my body & was told if I had gone earlier they would have been happy to place me, but they wanted their people to commit to a minimum of 6 months work... so that's my experience... as long as they don't ask you, you don't have to tell them O

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    Sep 2004

    I was speaking to a friend today and she actually mentioned to me about a girl she worked with who (was not a temp, but still might apply), didnt tell work she was pg and she slipped somehow and something terrible happened, and teh work place claimed that because she didnt tell them about it they were not liable for costs incurred as a result of what happened to the bub, and this was apparently upheld...

    not sure if this would apply to you, but just thought Id let you know so you could make more informed decision. Either way, hope it all works out for you