: When did you commence maternity leave?

  • As soon as I found out I was pregnant

    1 0.83%
  • First trimester

    1 0.83%
  • Second trimester

    9 7.50%
  • Third trimester

    83 69.17%
  • Until my due date

    26 21.67%

thread: When did you start maternity leave?

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    Brooke Guest

    I work for an Independent School in Perth and the Union tells me because they pay above award rate (just) they legally do not have to give paid mat. leave. Coming from the state system i assumed we would get it here too, but I was wrong!

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    becstar Guest

    I gave up work at 35 weeks with my second child and came back when he was 6 months. I did not get my old job back, just the same pay, for doing all the crap around the office, I quit three weeks later. I was not working when I had my third, as my second was only 15 months.

    To Jill (who posted earlier) I am also an Operational Police Officer and I have just moved to a new station 6 weeks ago. As DH and I are TTC I have been dreading telling work I am pregnant as I think they will be put out that I have just moved here. I plan to keep working, as we can just do office/comms duties and would like to continue until 39 weeks, as we only get paid for two weeks maternity leave :mad: .......they are trying to get 14 weeks paid leave for us with the next EB.

    After having the baby I would then like to go back part time.......as night shift is not very baby friendly.

    I was glad to here of someone else in my position, who can cope with this job with four children.


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    First Timer Guest

    Hi Bec,

    I've got my fingers crossed for the EB agreement too!! I'm a public servant working within the SA Emergency Services and get 4 weeks paid maternity leave (as per the last EB) but negotations for the new EB agreement is for 12 weeks. I'm hoping that when/if the we get the 12 weeks, it's backdated to the end of the last agreement (November 2003) so that I can get the extra 8 weeks. I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and plan to work until 36 weeks.

    I worked for SAPOL for about 7 years, I left three years ago, to gain a promotion, but sometimes still wish I was back there. Worked mostly in the western suburbs police stations.

    Best of luck with the pregnancy.


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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW


    Wow! What a weird concept finishing work!! I just can't help feeling weird about it.... I haven't even had a break between jobs in the last 5 years, so now having more than a few weeks off seems very strange.... I know once the baby's here it will be hard work....


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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ok...I know that some of you have finished work since me .... or for those who are PG, when do you plan on finishing??

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    kelstar78 Guest

    I finish up at the end of the week!!! As this is my first I had no idea when was a good time to stop so I planned for earlier rather than later and now I dont think I would have lasted any longer anyway. I have a desk job and (strangely enough) sitting down for hours at a time is really difficult.

    Luckily I have the nursery done and I will have my bags packed tonight so I can spend my time relaxing and spending quality time with my poor neglected other baby (my dog, Hollie).

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    Registered User

    Feb 2004

    I dropped down to 4 days a week at 34weeks & then finished at 37w 6d - YESTERDAY!!!!

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    amalie Guest

    I am finishing at the end of next week

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    amalie Guest

    and i am soooo looking forward to it. wasnt sure when to finish but so glad that i am finishing now because dont think i could have gone much longer YAY

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    Registered User

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    With the twins, they consider you "term" at 37 weeks, so I finished up at 32 weeks, working full time night shift lifting patients in a nursing home. DD#1, DD#2 born 10 days later! DD#3 I finished up at 35 weeks, again working in Nursing home lifting patients, but only 32 hrs a week night shift Bubs born 11 days later!! With this one staying at work til 36 weeks, at a hospital so no lifting!! 35hrs a week night shift. only a few months now, looking forward to the break

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    Registered User

    Aug 2004

    Yay - I worked til today - 36weeks 1day!
    I couldn't have worked any longer, and would have loved to finish about 4 weeks ago, but had to work because of money.
    I'm too well paid to give up so early!! Besides, people went pretty easy on me, and I found it great to keep moving around.
    But I am soooooo looking forward to sleeping in Monday am!! Or at least - not having to get up and go to work!!

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    Registered User

    Aug 2004

    Double Yay - Thanks Kate - Its fantastic to finish!!!
    What a great feeling..... Phew!

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    Registered User

    Oct 2004

    Is there a certain time , or number of weeks until due date, where an employer might tell you that you have to go on leave? As an example, my old employer used to say you had to start your leave at least 6 weeks before due date, but you could apply for special permission to start a bit later.
    Is it the same every where, or does it really depend on what the rules are at you particular compnay, and maybe something to do with kind of work you do?

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    bec79 Guest

    Im starting mine on the 10th of June and I'm due on the 26th. I see it as I would rather be home longer with the baby then without. It's bad enough i cant stay home for long once its born. Im one of those lucky ones that dont spend all my time on my feet at work.

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    cafedelish Guest

    I am 21 weeks and plan to cease work at 37 weeks. It's my first. I am a little worried about bubba making a surprise early visit, so I have to stay up-to-date on work in case I make an early departure I guess.

    I work for a university and get 16 weeks paid leave plus 12 weeks at half pay. It's a relatively new EB and I am extremely lucky (only been here a year). \/ I think they try to push you out at 6 weeks prior but I'm going to hang on as best I can!!

    I also have a desk job, and feel very supported by my boss and company

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    Jan 2005

    I am hoping to work as long as I can up until the birth. I'm lucky in some ways that I can work from home once I'm not up to trudging into the city everyday, and the hospital is 5 minutes from home.

    I get 6 weeks paid maternity leave (this may double, fingers crossed, in june if our workplace agreement goes through), and have about 8 weeks annual leave. I figured the longest I'll be able to take off work all up is 6 months, but might try to work from home 1 -2 days a week when I go back.

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Left work on Friday at 37 1/2 weeks. Very happy that I made it that far, as it was beginning to get quite hard.

    I am just now trying to get my head around not having a job for the first time in 7 years. I will start looking for work from home soon, it will be interesting to see how it works out/


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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I'm hoping to leave work at the end of Sep or beginning of Oct, so I'll be about 30 - 33 weeks pg. I'm not sure yet and I'll see how I feel in August so I can give my boss plenty of notice. I'd like to work as long as possible and if I can't find other work I would like to go back as a casual.