: When did you commence maternity leave?

  • As soon as I found out I was pregnant

    1 0.83%
  • First trimester

    1 0.83%
  • Second trimester

    9 7.50%
  • Third trimester

    83 69.17%
  • Until my due date

    26 21.67%

thread: When did you start maternity leave?

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I went on maternity leave from 23-24 weeks.I was planning on working up untill 36 weeks but my BP went up and they found protein in my urine.My work freaked out when I told them and then said they were under NO OBLIGATION to offer me alesser work load as pregnancy is no accident that happens at work!I'm waiting for all my maternity leave payments to come through then I'm taking it further.

    Some people are just pigs when it comes to working pregnant women!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I started my maternity leave at 14 weeks, and was on bedrest

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I put in for my maternity leave last week, yay. I had to give 10 weeks notice and they would make me leave 6 weeks before bubs is born unless I have a Dr's certificate to say I am healthy enough to continue working. But I'll be 33 weeks when I leave and to be honest I wouldn't want to work any longer than that anyway. I work 12 hour shifts and it's very tiring, although I've done really well, when I was pg with my first daughter I left my job at 6 months pg, I was too tired to carry on, this pg has been a breeze and I feel good working at the moment.

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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    I worked until 38 weeks and had Amy a week later. I wanted to work longer but my OB wouldn't let me. Glad I didn't work longer now.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    I just finished work yesterday at 38 weeks 1 day ... hooray !!! \/

    I sit at a desk all day in a very comfortable chair at work, and I think I will probably be less comfortable here at home on the couch. I suspect I will go over my due date anyway.

    It feels so weird to know I won't be going back to work for a whole year!! (but good strange!)


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    kirsty Guest

    My maternity leave didn't go at all as planned (this was for my son who was born in 2002), we need to give 10wks notice before we would like to leave, anyway had mine in ages before that as we had worked out I would work until I was 36wks & then start.

    Like I said mine didn't go to plan as at 31wks my waters broke & by the time I was due to start my maternity leave I had had my baby home with us & he was 4wks old ~ he was born at 32wks.

    And I was supposed to be going to work the nite that waters broke, I can still remember sitting in the hospital waiting for the air ambulance to transport me to Melbourne & DH asking who he had to let know & me telling him that he had better ring work & let them know I wouldn't be in!!

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    Registered User

    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Thanks Christy for finding this post for me!

    Just wondering what everyone lately have been working till? Ive told work ill work until im 38 weeks.. basically because i need the money.. just hope im physically able to

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I left work @ around 35 weeks with Nicholas although I did cut down from full time to part time work when I was around 20 weeks pg.

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    julesy Guest

    I think the type of work you do is highly indicative of when the right time to leave work is. I work as a nurse on a children's ward, and in winter especially, am exposed to all sorts of nasty bugs! Couple that with an existing back problem, shift work and huge work loads, and you have a recipe for early maternity leave entitlement!!!
    I am now 25 weeks, and can happily say that I am leaving work in 3 weeks, just shy of 29 weeks. To be honest, it couldn't come sooner! This being my first baby, I figured it would be the only time for the next 20 years or so (we plan on having 2 or 3 kids) when I can truly be alone and have time to myself. You don't technically get 'time off' prior to having any subsequent kids, because just having one is a full time job in itself (unless you can afford child care or are even lucky enough to get a place...)

    Food for thought...


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    This time I am going to finish active work at 27 weeks, but stay on half day Saturdays twice a month and continue teaching puppy classes one night a week until later.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    I plan on taking leave from 36 weeks, so just over 2 and a half months to go! I can't wait to spend time sleeping and dordaling whenever I feel like it!!!

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Oct 2007

    I hope this is the right place to ask this. Just curious when people tend to go on mat leave & how they found it? Was it just right? Did you wish you'd finished earlier or later?

    I'm due Oct 1st with my first... and was going to stop at end Aug (just over 35 weeks)... then decided to change it and stop 22nd Aug (just over 34 weeks) - having just seen a colleague struggling in her last few weeks prior to going on leave... I thought why do it to myself!?!

    I'm in a very lucky situation in that i get 12 wks paid mat leave and I can work from home (usually do 1 day a week at home). Oh and it's a f/t desk job with a commute of ~45-60mins each way on PT in melb... so saying, things have been reasonable in terms of getting a seat so far!
    But I can't help but think that every extra week of mat leave I take before bubba comes, is a week earlier I need to go back, with bubba being less than 1 y.o.!

    So now i'm toying with just doing a "phase-down" approach (which my work are supportive of). So then I might work till 36 weeks, but the last three weeks would be one day less per week.. i.e. 4 days, 3 days, then only 2 days in the last week.

    What did other people do? what worked? what would you do differently? And any wise advice for me?


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2008
    In a land of bubbles and trouble

    Belfie - feels like we stalk each other LOL

    1st - I finished at 34 wks but only cos it was then Christmas and he was due 07/02 and i didn't wanna go back after new year for a week only. Got a bit bored by the end cos all my friends were back at work and I had nuthing to do but wait
    2nd - 36 weeks and found it perfect
    this time - planning for 36 wks

    I too get 12 wks paid mat leave - however in my industry i can't wean down so to speak because if I finish up at say week 38 and working 2 days, that is the rate my mat leave would get paid out - so I would just double check you will still get paid full-time mat leave, and not the days you finish up on KWIM?

    Also in my industry we have to stop 6 weeks before unless certified ok to work closer to EDD. But GP is fine doing certification.

    So, you could tell work you plan to stop at 36 (my personal recommendation then you have a few weeks hopefully of sleep ins) but if a week out you feel like working a week extra or vice versa, they should be ok with that.

    My 20 cents worth anyway

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2006

    i was due to finish as 36 weeks but was advised to stop ealier due to bubs been small, finished at 34 weeks had sophie at 38+4

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2007

    I stopped work at 35 weeks, but I was going to work up until I was 38-39 weeks. I was told I have pre-eclampsia and I'm on BP meds now, and the doctors advised me against going back to work. This actually made me upset because we have quite a big mortgage and I was totally stressing about money, which is why I was going to work so close to my due date. My DH said that we would find a way around the money issue and he has been really supportive about me being at home.

    In hindsight I think it's much better to finish a little earlier if you can, because if I had kept working closer to my due date, I wonder what sort of harm I may have done to bub. Also, I had been so busy at work that I don't think I realised how exhausted I was!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I started mine today. Yay!!!!!!

    I'm 37 weeks today (by LMP) or 38 weeks on Sunday (per the early scans). I was probably ready to finish up a week ago but as I had committed to finishing yesterday and my OB could see no reason for me to finish early (despite having huge sore feet) I worked right through as planned. Not bad for a 42 yo who got told by the first OB that I'd be almost certainly off work from 30 weeks due to age factors.
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    2014 BellyBelly RAK Recipient.

    Aug 2010
    Over the hills and far away


    Thought I would reignite this thread. I am currently only just over 5 weeks pg, but trying to get an idea of when people went on maternity leave or plan to. I am currently a fulltime nurse in a busy surgical ward and work night shifts, which are 10.5 hours long. Let me just say I dont have much time to sit around and not sure how others will be able to help my load much more as said earlier it is a very busy ward. And a lot of the time our 6-7 patients are heavy enough without having to help a pg person.

    So some ideas from others would be great

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2009

    Bskilner your job is very demanding, I think you just work for as long as you can or want to and don't feel guilty about taking leave when you feel you can't do it anymore.
    10 hr shifts, I wouldn't cope, I've had a few of those lately and ended up in tears to my hubby saying how exhausted I was.
    I am taking leave in 4 weeks woohoo, it couldn't come soon enough to be honest as i'm exhausted.