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    work from home mum

    I have always felt that I would like to be a SAHM, however there is also a thought that has been bubbling around in the back of my mine for many years of a home business that I would like to take on. Over the years i have been doing some research and have put a lot of thought into the idea and so far it is proving to be possibly very profitable.

    Anyhow, DP and myself have tohught that after the birth and every thing is settled in - I should looking into starting this bussiness up.`

    I am just worried, as we have mentioned it to a couple of people who have said that I would be mad to attempt any business while with a baby...

    just wondering if anyone else out there has done this... how did it go... why do people think that once a person has a child they loose the ability to multi-task anything outside beinga mother?

    I have worked 3 jobs - around 60hrs/w for sometime but have recently cut back to 1 to be with DP, I know how to work hard... why is it then acceptable for a mother to put her child in the care of a stranger for 40 hrs a week but not for a mother to begin and work at a business with bub at side?

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    I work from home.......doing consultancy work & also marketing project management. So I am not runing my own business in terms of manufacture/production etc.

    However, I do need to put in a fair few hours and I do need to balance the books every month. I stated doing this once Olivia was about 6 weeks old?

    I for one don't think you are mad at all! But I think you are right to look at considering it once the baby is born and then assess how you feel. Certainly from your previous working background it soudns like you have the stamina!

    There are so many things that come into play when you work from home, and the logistics of this with a baby are even more complicated. For example, I always swore I wouldn't work whilst Olivia was awake. What this means is that some days I have to work late into the night, meaning I am knackered and that DH & I have spent absolutely no time together.

    But I say go for it........and very best of luck.....

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    Thanks for your support Lucy.

    I just need the boost of knowing other have done it too.

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    Canniel - you can do ANYTHING you set your heart to. I now have two children and two 'businesses'. My first was a baby when I started BellyBelly and she was a toddler (just) when I started Toys4Tikes. My second is three months and while I am doing it, I am extremely grateful to have a part-time nanny to help me. I can be a bit of a stresshead so I think without that help I would be a lost cause (my daughter didn't like occasional care and it didn't work out). It really makes a difference if you have support around you, i.e. from friends and family.
    Kelly xx

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    And I do, my DP is great he will support me with anything.

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    Canniel : Go for it... reach for the stars... as you will find it really enjoyable being able to have another source of stimulation.
    As much as having kids is a joy and a half, being able to reward yourself with a home business can be a VERY enjoyable thing...

    Just seing Kelly (BellyBelly) do her things with her businesses, I believe is a positive thing not only for her, but also me... Some times she is even happy.. haha.. in all due respect, it is great to be able to see her sit down, and get the stuff she really loves to get done... and I am sure everyone has that gift to give to others and to them selves

    Kate10 : I am sure that that 'thing' will come to you and DP soon enough...

    It does take alot of 'roll the sleaves up and work', and there can be quite some stress. I would suggest keeping an honest perspective of how you are going/coping with it all though... Be sure to network, and have the support network YOU need, from all angles... be it as a parent, a wife, a business owner, etc... but some times it does take a little 'push' to get ya all motivated enough to get going again, OR a little 'put your feet up' to put you in that knock-em dead mode...

    Wishing you all the best

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    I have three jobs from home, the only problem is motivation sometimes. I really have to be rigid about a couple of things.
    - Must get up and shower first thing. If I don't I caught up in baby, brekky etc, then I find I'm sitting at my desk in PJs at 2pm.
    - Stay out of trakkies when working - cos it helps me focus and feel more professional. No suits or anything, just not trakkies!
    -Do a good, solid block of work before a break, it's really easy to find other "important" things to do when its time for the crappy work.
    - Lunch is at 12, so I can watch Dr Phil.

    DP is unable to work right now, so he is taking care of baby. Not having to pay for childcare on only one wage is a plus.

    Canniel - try to think outside the square when it comes to finding work, tell everyone you know you are looking to work from home, you never know what might come up.


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    Those are really good "guidelines" that you have set yourself and I totally agree with the "getting properly dressed" makes such a difference on my motivation!

    (My only tempatation is Belly is too easy to sit down at the computer and think, "Ooooo, I shall just hop onto BB first!")

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    I think that working from home would be great, esp when bub is very young. You'll still get to spend time with bub and bond heaps, rather than leaving her/him with childcare all day. Also, wont have to deal with the whole dilemma of getting a spot in child care to begin with, and paying for childcare (which is so pricey - my sister used to work in a cantre and they charged $90 a day per chld!! Thats could be an entire days pay!!) Of course , as Lulu said - its hard to get the motivation happening when youre working from home - theres so many more things to do! I dont have children, but i did used to work for Nutrimetics from home, and to be honest, i would jump on the computer and say "i'm just going to check my emails, THEN i'll do my paperwork stuff for the weeek..." but i always ended up finding other cool things on the computer and before i knew it, 2 hours had passed and i had done none of the work i intended to. I really did enjoy it though- if youre feeling crappy its really good because you get to be at home feeling crappy rather than the office with 15 other people. But i would definately say Go for it, its a good lifestyle to be able to work from home.

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    I found that after working full time for 6 yrs and before that being at uni and studying, that when I had my third and decided to stay home at last, I got BORED! I started looking for stuff to do. Mum and I sell stuff on ebay and she has a room in her home as a shop so people can buy from us there. My DH thinks I am such a loser, as we don't make any money etc, but we didn't think we would get rich, just wanted something to do, plus we can get things we want at cost price, which is great.

    ANyway I say maybe play it by ear and start it up when you get the chance, after working so many jobs you may find you need to do something other than clean the house, like me!
    Cheers Michelle

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    I know that I am a bit late with a reply to this but thought I would just the same.
    I am mum to 3 kids plus a step son. The oldest are 14 and the youngest is 9 months. I work from home aswell as look after bubs.
    I will be honest with you - it is tough but it is do - able and worth it. I work for a large company that allows us to do this - they are into the work/life balance thing ina big way =D> .
    There are days that I feel that I am losing control and doing too much and not giving bubs the attention he needs(like yesterday when he lost balance and bumped his eye on the window sill and gave himself one hell of a black eye ) and there are other days that I think - what the hell work can wait.
    The hard thing about working from home is getting people (including DH) to understand that I AM working regardless of being at home or in the office. I AM ALSO looking after our son which in itself is a full time job aswell as then having to do the housework and look after the older kids and cook and blah blah blah - you know the rest. If you can do it and want to do it - then go for it! You can always change your mind or modify the hours to suit you.
    I have worked out that we women are great at multi tasking! GOOD LUCK and sorry about the long essay!