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Thread: Old Fashioned Meatloaf & sides

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    Default Old Fashioned Meatloaf & sides

    I made the YUMMIEST dinner... so I thought I'd share...

    Old fashioned meatloaf filled with carrots & peas (no tomato or bacon in site!) with steamed broccoli and baby spinach & roast garlic mashed potato. So in all there were peas, broccoli, carrot & baby spinach all in one dish. And the kids ate it! I love it when I can hide veggies

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    sometimes the old favorites are hard to beat, my mum cooked me bubble and squeak the other day, mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    DH is a chef, hates spag bol, I hadn't cooked it for the 12 years we had been together, made it for the kids this year, they loved it, DH can go jump, I LOVED it, so much like childhood, must have it with that powdered parmasen though, the one that smells like spew!!!! I would never put it on anything decent but it is a must have in this instance!!

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