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Thread: quick and easy chicken and asparagus casserole

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    Default quick and easy chicken and asparagus casserole

    Made this today. Both boys loved is (just turned 1 and nearly 3yo) and DH and I are also looking fwd to it when they are asleep...
    I served with brown rice and dutch carrots...

    I must say, i got this on a cooking show - I think with Matthew Hayden... not sure if i have followed exactly but the general gist is plagiarised from there LOL!

    4 chicken breas fillets - cut into 3 large chunks
    1/2 cup flour - seasoned
    bay leaves (3)
    thyme - fresh leaves
    sage - fresh leaves
    1 oinion chopped finely
    mushrooms chopped
    olive oil and little butter
    2 tin asparagus soup

    Put flour in plastic bag and add chicken - shake to cover
    Shake off excess flour and brown chicken in casserole dish with oil/butter
    add onion and cook til soft and there is bit of brown on the bottom of dish
    add mushrooms and then the herbs and the soup
    cook 180 deg for 45 mins
    YUM - comes out v tender and delcious

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    Sounds yummo, might try this!

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