Hey Blanche,

Jack is gorgeous! He looks so peaceful. And six days already!!

What a shame that you feel pushed into your decision about the c/s... Admittedly the doctors are right, it is your decision but it is also one that shouldn't be made lightly. Like you, I couldn't bear if something happened with this bubs, particularly if it was worse than how Neven fared, but I feel I've researched it as well as I can and made an informed decision. More than that, I feel complete confidence that this is what I want and I don't think anyone can take that away.

In the end though Blanche, SD isn't about size, it's about positioning. Even babies who are Jack's size can suffer from SD. The highest risk factor for SD is if it has happened to you previously (according to my research) so both you and I have every right to be worried.

My appointment with the doctor went well and I have the date for my c/s. It's weird knowing when bubs will arrive as I've had to wait it out with the other three kids but it's given hubby and I a definite deadline to have everything done by. This weekend alone, we have painted the cot, picked up a bassinet that I made a few reapirs to and it is now in the wash, and we've picked up some furniture for the baby. I also started packing my hospital bag!!

I'm not looking forward to my recovery after the c/s but we are trying to organise for me to have someone at home for a couple of weeks afterward. With three schoolies and an infant to look after I'm gonna need some help!