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Thread: cervical cerclage-anyone had one?

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    Question cervical cerclage-anyone had one?


    I am starting a cycle of FSH injections, and wanted to know what to do 'when' i conceive again!
    during my last pg i went into ptl. a stitch was put in at 24 wks but labour had already started and everything went from bad to worse. the stitch caused my cervix to tear so badly i had to have a c/s and cos baby was small it had to be clasical (vertical). the dr's said that i had an 'incompetent cervix' and if i was to conceive again. i would need to have a stitch put in.

    has anyone had a cerclage and carried to full term? did you have complete bed rest after the stitch was put in?

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    Hi Sofy,
    I had a cerledge placd with my DD, she is my 3rd preg but only child the previous were all cut short due to IC. After my first two losses my obst was still at a loss to find out why my membranes ruptured prem. I sort out another opinion that found that at my last ultrasound my cervix was 1.6cm and a week later I was admitted to hospital with PROM and held on for another couple of weeks but not long enough.
    My 3rd preg was an amazing experience, I decided to go with the specialist that did diagnose me as he had so much experience with IC, multiple births( which often have IC related) and a technique that placed a stitch high up in the cervix which is important to sustain the cervix and prevent tearing. He once said to me that many doctors can put one in but not too many can make them work.
    At 10 weeks I had my first appointment with him and he confirmed pregnancy, I was to return 2 weeks later for a viabilty scan..he had to make sure it was a viable preg before he stitched me then have the surgery the following day.

    At 13 weeks I went into hospital for a day procedure, I decided to go with a general than an epidual and had a nice sleep. I was required to stay in the night just so they could monitor me and check the loss and prevent DVT.
    After I was discharged I stayed with my parents who looked after me day and night for the week till the bleeding stopped (couple of days later).
    I gave up work at that time and went home to bedrest as much as possible ( now looking back there wasnt a real need too but at that time I was doing nothing to hinder the preg). Fortnightly ultrasounds to check that the cervix cerledge was favourably placed and there was minimal shortening. I started my cervical length was 4.5 it never went past 3.8 with the cerledge in. I developed GD so my little one ended up not so little and still didnt effect my pregnancy.There was another woman having a stitch and she wanted to be able to run daily the obst said no she could do walking but no rigerous excersise
    At 37 weeks I had my stitch removed and due to retained placenta and my fear of childbirth flashbacks I opted to have a c-sect. Apparently the cervix just collapsed as soon as the cord was removed ( it isnt a small stitch more like a shoe lace).
    I am due to start IVF in January and if it is sucessful I will be going down this path again..only with a little one who wont be able to lifted and mum is going to need to be off her feet as much as possible not to mention DH absence of bding.
    I have spoken to many woman that have had stitches placed at 13-14 weeks and the success rate is so much higher than those of cerledges done in an emergency situation at 19 -22 weeks.
    I wish you all the luck in the world..with the FSH is that IVF or some sort of AC, just that I have been told that in the circumstance I was to ever fall pregnant with more than a singleton they would advise to terminate as the stitch will not hold 2

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    Hi Sofy,
    I had one put in when I was pg with DD. I lost my little boy at 21 weeks nad thats when they diagnosed IC. I had a LLETz procedure a few years ago which they think was the cause. I had mine put n at 13 weeks and was advised not to work too much i.e full timebut my dp and I thought it best not to jeopardise our little one. My cervix started to shorten at around 20 weeks but only a small amount. I made it to 31 weeks when I was induced due to PE-nothing to do with the stitch- and my stitch was cut and taken out, I dilated to a cm almost instantly.

    Im not sure of the other one, there are two types of stitches, I had the mcdonald one where they leave a tail so it can be cut out easily.

    I was told that with any pg I have now I have to have the cerclage again.

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    sofy Guest


    Hi Tiffany and Bec G,

    thanx guys for your reply, it sound encouraging!

    i'm sorry about your loss, there aren't really any words to help i guess! the only way i see it is at least i have a son and now know there is a chance of mr getting pregnant.

    when i had the stich in at 24 wks it was the one higher up in the cervix apparantly its better! they cut the cervix and weave a 2cm wide tape through. being so far into the pregnancy it was risky to be put to sleep. i had to have a spinal block.

    FSH injections are hormone jabs to stimulate ovulation. the cahnces of multiple births is not as high as with IVF. my DH and I are not to covinced with IVF for religious reasons.

    i'd like to know how you get on Bec and wish you all the luck and ill for you.

    once again thanx, take care


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