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Thread: cervical suture - aftercare??

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    Default cervical suture - aftercare??

    I am 16 weeks pregnant and had a cervical suture 2 weeks ago, due to a double uterus/vagina and short cervix. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what I should/shouldn't be doing now.

    I came out of hospital the same day as the op and have been up on my feet working/living as normal since then (with only a few twinges and slight bleeding at first) I thought I was doing ok but I have been receiving conflicting advice off EVERYONE, some people saying stay in bed and others saying carry on as normal. The doctors and nurses didn't tell me anything (and i didn't have a great time in hospital either, no one checked if the baby was ok until 9 hours after the op)

    I feel ok most of the time but I dont want to put baby at risk by doing too much. or am I worring too much unnecessarily??

    Any advice would be brilliant!


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    I had a suture put in at 13 weeks with DD, this was a day and night stay in hospital and sent home on strict bed rest for the week till the bleeding subsided. After this time I was advised to restrict the time I was on my feet. I had to stop working as I was on my feet all the time.
    At 16 weeks I was put on bed rest till 30 weeks due to fortnightly scans revealing that gest diabetes was packing on weight to bubs and putting weight on the stitch.
    I was not allowed to strain doing bowel movements no sex no lifting no sneezing with out the big A Choo and no excercise.
    I'm sure your specialist will check the stitch with US, I had 2 loses with IC so I was very paranoid about trying to keep this one in.
    Good luck

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