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Thread: Help! Vulval variscosity?

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    I have developed a vulval variscosity and have been told by my ob that although they can be painful it wont affect anything else to do with the baby. My mother is a miswife and has told me they can rupture, with a greater chance of this happening at delivery. has anyone else had any experiences with this?


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    Hi Peta,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vulval varicose veins Not fun really. This is my fourth pregnancy and fourth experience of having one. Not impressed! I have laboured naturally with three of my children and haven't had a problem. My ob is aware of it and hasn't told me about it's potential to rupture, which I imagine has happened but probably in extreme cases where there is excessive weakening of the vessel. I know of others also with this condition who also haven't had any probs in labour. Just during the pregnancy...ouch!

    Hope you feel relieved....

    Lynnette x

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