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    Just wondering if anyone has had a steroid injection and if so, where do they give it to you and does it hurt? I have been diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis (itch) and they want to give me the injection tomorrow in case i go into early labour... Just wondering what the process was with these injections, i have one about 9.00am and another at around 2pm...

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    My first lot of two shots were given 24 hours apart and the 2nd lot I can't remember when they gave them to me. They are either given in the thigh or the buttock. So choose the juiciest bit of flesh as it wont hurt as much but it will sting for a bit and you might have a bit of a bump.

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    Thanks, I only need these two shots and they will be done on the same day, one in the morning and one in the arvo.... They better go into the buttock...its the most meaty part...LOL

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    Yeah my two were in the butt, still hurt like crap though lol!!! Good luck.

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    I had the injection, it wasn't too bad, under the circumstances if that protects the baby then i would have 100 per day.

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