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    My big toes have been numb for days now... And it feels like its spreading on the soles of my feet.

    It would just be bad circulation wouldn't it?

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    I really don't know for sure what is causing your trouble, but I have had the numb toe thing before when I had bad shoes on for a while. Are you wearing shoes that are tight, especially too narrow? I had to wear steel toe safety boots for a few weeks, and it took quite a while for the feeling to come back to my big toes.
    Feet do get wider in pregnancy, because of the hormones making your joints relax, so it could be that shoes that were great before are now too tight.
    Try different footwear, maybe, and mention it to your OB next visit!
    Hope you find a good solution!
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    Sounds like you need a nice long soak in a warm foot bath and then a nice (possibly long) foot massage
    Def sounds like cirulation... dont forget to put your feet above your heart every now and again
    good lukc with it

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    I have back and pelvic issues and when they are out a bit the nerves get pinched. I end up with pain behind the knee and numb toes.
    If you are having any back pain then perhaps the numb toes are related to it.

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