hi all i found this sit trying to come across something about spd.
I have 2 girls age 3 and 5, i started with spd at about 35 wks pg with ella, it wasn't really a problem just a bit uncomfortable. It went straight away and i never gave it another thought. We decided to try for another and i still mever thought about it. At about 11 wks pg i felt it, it was just an ache, by 16 wks i was on crutches and pain killers and just went gradually worse til i couldn't look after my daughter or myself. Was in and out of hospital, with bad braxton hicks, with tablets to stop labour at just over 24 wks. Anyway when she was born by c section the pain went and i was amazed at just being able to stand up, at just over 4 months i started with spd again and it has gradually got worse, I am still sufferring now, am on crutches, painkillers and am waiting for a belt.
I was wondering if anyone had any info about this as I am really struggling at the moment, Ta, sorry for moaning all