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    Unhappy Stressed About Tests

    Hi there. I am new to the forum. My husband & I have been trying to conceive since March 2008 & have recently found out that we have finally been successful - now 9 weeks pregnant.

    I have recently had a whole lot of things go wrong & I have been sent for about a bzillion tests & I am terrified there is something wrong.

    My blood pressure (which is normally 120/80 no matter what) has been sitting on 133/88 for the last two weeks, my ankles are swollen like you wouldn't believe & I have been getting dizzy.....really dizzy.

    The doctor has been great & tried to reassure me that the tests are just precautionary & nothing to worry about yet but they are testing for pre-eclampsia & gestational diabetes this week.

    I hope I am just a paranoid first time mum to be but I am really worried that there could be something really wrong.

    Has anyone else had similar things happen in early pregnancy & had nothing wrong? Someone reassure me here!!!!!

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    PLease don't stress - though I know that is easier to say than do! It's a good thing to have lots of tests I think because then you can be prepared. I had 4 u/s before I was 12 weeks cause I was bleeding and that was very stressful!! After 12 weeks you will calm sown a bit and enjoy so best wishes!

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