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Thread: subchorionic hematoma

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    Hi Sally,
    What I was told from my dr. was that as long as the heamatoma did not cause the placenta to come away completly from the wall that I would be fine, mine was quite large when they found it at around 14wks but over the next 4-8wks it did start to shrink and eventually reabsorb which allowed the placenta to reattach.
    My Dr. basically told me to go home and relax as there was not much that could be done, if i was going to miscarry it was inevetable, thankfully i didn't and my little boy will be 3yrs in a few weeks.

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    Hi Sally, I bled from the beginning of my pregnancy until about 16 weeks, all the colours of the sun and at times very heavy. It was extremely scary and due to blood clots/subchrionic heamatoma (sorry about the spelling.) At my 20 week scan there was still a 5cm one hanging around and I was told it would either absorb or bleed out or just stay there. At the time, I was told it was a risk because the bleeding of the clots may irritate the uterus and therefore cause the uterus to think that it had to "expel" and deliver my baby. Once again scary however - this didn't happen and each time I had a scan there was our little one kicking around. I did ALOT of research about this topic and it seems most people are fortunate with this and the clots absorb. I am having a scan next week to check how mine is going. The Ob has told me that the worst case scenario now is that as my baby continues to grow and runs out of space, the clot may bleed out and cause premature labour. I too was really scared as the measurements for my scan seemed so big! But hang in there and think positive, trust in your little one and best wishes.

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    Thanks guys for the reassuring messages. I feel so helpless at the moment but your words of encouragement have helped alot. I'm only bleeding a small amount at the moment but I do expect it to start up again like last time. So far I'm lucky I think as it is just blood of all colors, no clots and each bleed seem to be less, but scary as well. The last ultrasound the hematoma seemed to be slightly smaller in lenth, so I will have to wait until the next ultrasound to see if there is any difference. I will be over 8 weeks at the next sonogram so every day my baby has a heartbeat is a good day.

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