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Thread: Too much Fluid around bub

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    Question Too much Fluid around bub

    Hi all
    Just returned from antenatal app & was told that in a recent scan it shows i have too much fluid around bub & i am bigger than expected. has anyone else had anything like this? It wasnt really explained to me so i dont really get it what does this mean, is it something common & nothing to worry about or is it something bad??? any help would be much appreciated.


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    [FONT="Georgia"]Hi babe,
    I had this condition with my first baby. The medical term is polyhydramnios. I was huge. iI had a huge baby and a huge amount of licquor. The mid wives couldnt believe it when they broke my waters. I exploded. it flew straight off the bed and covered both of them and the an almighty splash on the floor. They needed mop and bucket and they were both spewing they didnt have gum boots on. i couldnt apologise enough. [/

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    Yep I had this too, I dont think it is much to worry about really, but yes when your waters break you will know all about it. Try googling polyhydramnios? Must admit at the time I did google it, and some of the things mentioned got me a bit worried, ie developmental problems with the baby, however this is very rare. My baby came out perfectly healthy. I'm sure there is nothing to worry about.

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