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Thread: When to stop progesterone pessaries?

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    Default When to stop progesterone pessaries?

    I know this question should be answered by my fertility specialist, but:
    - I have moved on from her and am now seeing an Ob
    - the Ob told me to ring the FS with this question
    - the FS is away on leave so the receptionist told me to ring the IVF nurse
    - my original IVF nurse is no longer with my ex FS, so I spoke to someone completely different!

    I am now 11 weeks pregnant and was put on progesterone pessaries after a small bleed at 6 weeks. I didn't have low progesterone in my early HCG blood tests, but had been on Crinone after my IVF transer and stopped after my first blood test around 4.5 weeks. I have had a scan at 7.5 weeks and 9 weeks showing all healthy.

    The nurse told me to drop down to one every second day and stop at 12 weeks, but she doesn't know me or my history, and didn't ask any questions (although she may have access to records).

    Other reading I have done on forums etc many people stayed on them until 13 weeks. I have also read its important not to suddenly stop.

    I feel a bit on my own with this and don't want to mess with something that seems to be working before the placenta has truly kicked in.

    Any advice?

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    You could call and ask whether there is any harm in continuing to 13 weeks.....if there isn't, then continue

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    Numa, it may be worth popping in and asking the gals in the Pregnancy and Parenting after LTTTC threads in case they don't see it here.

    Good luck hun. So fabulous you are 11 weeks on. Enjoy the last two trimesters!!

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    Hi Numa,

    I am on Progesterone Pesseries and have been since my ET. I am 11 weeks pg today and my doctor has advised me after my ultrasound last Tuesday to start to halve my presseries and then halve them again next week and finally stop them on the 12 week mark. I wouldn't just stop them I would check with your Fertility specialist to make sure everything is OK with baby.
    Good luck, I can't wait to stop my pesseries.

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