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Thread: Corpus Luteum- Ovaries

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    Question Corpus Luteum- Ovaries

    Hi, I have just read a report of my 8 week ultra sound and it says that my left ovary has a probable "Corpus Luteum"

    I have googled this and it describes it as a follicle which has burst.

    Like i said i am pregnant, now 10 and bit weeks and my dr never mentioned ANYTHING about this when i went for my appt to schedual my next ultra sound.

    Does ANYONE know if this will effect my pregnancy in any way, or what this means????????????????

    I have called the Dr and i am waiting for him to call back and hopefully set my mind at ease, but any advice or experience from ANYONE would be appriciated.... PUHLEASE... Good and Bad stories, i dont need sugar coating, if its bad, i need to know.


    From a very worried mummy to be

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    The corpus luteum is the cyst (follicle) that the egg came from that made your bub. It provides you with the hormones that you need to sustain the pregnancy till your placenta can take over.
    It is totally normal to have one. I had one.
    They might keep an eye on it JIC it gets big, but generally they go away by themselves... but I would say you are probaby OK. But just double check with your DR.
    Good Luck!!!

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    I have not had a good run with pregnancies, THANKYOU again, you have made my day!!!!

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    Default relax - it's normal....

    as rufalina has told you...

    every time you make and egg (which is usually every month), the follicle grows bigger and and bigger and then bursts to release the egg......

    it then is called a corpus luteum and then it shrinks and goes away

    sometimes the corpus luteum can hang around awhile and maybe fill up with a bit of fluid but they are generally harmless and eventually go away

    sometimes if they don't go away and grow (I have had this a few times), they just do this tiny little op thru your belly button and pop it like a balloon.

    in your case, being pregnant and not making any more follicles in your ovary for a while, you won't even notice it and by the time you give birth and get around to releasing more eggs, I reckon that corpus luteum will be long gone....

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