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    I was hoping someone could tell me what BSL's are considered good for non-diabetics? I have taken a few fasting readings lately that have been 5.6-6.8. Is this o.k? When I had GD (insulin controlled) I was allowed up to 5.5 for fasting. Does this mean that if I get pregnant again that I would have to go on insulin from the start?

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    Hi Artechim,

    the normal range for BSL is 3.5 to 8. I would say that for a non-diabetic, your range is fine ATM.
    In regards to what will happen if you get pregnant again, that depends on how your body responds to the pregnancy. Given that you had GD in your last PG, it is more likely that you will develop it again but the treatment regieme is something that would be up to your doctor. If you are at all concerned about your BSL at the moment, make an appointment with your GP to discuss it.



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