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Thread: Laser Eye Surgery

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    Default Laser Eye Surgery

    I figured blindness could be considered a medical condition!!

    I'm SO sick of not being able to see in the morning... my glasses are so nearing their death (and really don't want to fork out money for new ones) and I already wear contacts most days..

    Has anyone had laser/lasik eye surgery??

    If so, how much was it?? Do you get any money back from medicare??

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    I haven't had it but at least 3 friends have.
    All said it was amazing and all have 20:20 vision now. I think the process is a little uncomfortable but the end result is worth it.

    Not sure if you get anything back from medicare, but in WA it costs about $4,800. Some places do a 1 year payment plan for it. HTH!

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    Thanks for that I knew that it was about $4000-$5000 but was hoping there would be some sort of discount!! lol

    I'll look around and hopefully there will be somewhere in Melbourne that has a payment plan like that!

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    Hey Liz,

    There are certainly many great reports around about this procedure. Just be sure first that your particular eye condition can be improved with laser surgery. If it's just straight out long or short sightedness, or some astigmatisms then chances are they can do something about it.

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    I had it done about 18 months ago now and it was the very best thing I've ever done, hands down!

    It did cost about $5000, we were fortunate to have just sold 2 houses so had money in the bank, however I know that GE Health do a finance plan for laser eye surgery, interest free I think. Our clinic also had a payment plan of their own too.

    There isn't anything back from Medicare - or health insurance in most cases (I think Defence Health pays for it with longterm members or something). is a tax deduction. With medical expenses, once you go over $1200 in a year of medical expenses, its a tax deduction. It works out for lasik of $5000, $3800 is eligable, at 20% deduction amount, that makes it a $760 deduction. I think my maths is right, so it doesn't work out as that much, but its something!

    On the day I had my procedure I was crying and saying I'd never recommend it to anyone ever, but as it turns out, one day of discomfort is totally worth the results. My main problem was that the suction thing they put on your eye to black out your vision didn't stick and they had to have 4 goes at it.

    Totally worth it, lifechanging infact. I can do so much more and don't feel handicapped by my glasses anymore.

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    DH had it done a few years ago and swears the money is totally worth it.

    I agree with Slyder though make sure that your eye condition can be treated by the surgery.

    I am pretty sure there is a couple of clinics in Melbourne where interest free terms are offered on the procedure which does cost approx $5k!

    Good luck!

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