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Thread: Psoriasis Anyone??

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    Default Psoriasis Anyone??

    Wondering if anyone here suffers from psoriasis like i do?


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    kerry Guest


    Only on my scalp and behind my ears. Being pg has been hell as I have found anything I can normally use only agrevates it. My aunty who suffers with it serverely has found that whenever she is pg that it clears up heaps. I surpose we are all different.

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    I had it bad a few years ago, then when pregnant with DD it went away with only a tiny bit left on my scalp. My dermatologist also said that for some women it goes away when they're pregnant.


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    kerry Guest


    Well I hope you are pg agin soon and it disappears completely... especially that tiny bit on your scalp.

    Nic, do you find with it on your scalp people just assume you have dandruff and its a bit embarrassing?

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    I've started taking omega gold (I think thats the name) tablets and my ps.... has totally cleared up. Apparently the fish oil is good for dry skin.

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    Yeah I do find it embarrasing, I have a lot of black clothes/tops and don't wear them anymore

    I have it pretty bad on my scalp, but have started using a dandruff shampoo that seems to be helping a bit. Have also cut down on my coffee and diet coke, and drinking a lot more water, so that could be helping as well. Also trying not to stress too much.

    Seena - I had heard that fish oil is good for psoriasis, should probably go and buy some tablets and try it out. Every bit helps hey!

    I have started using an all natural cream that is slowly helping get rid of the tiny bits of psoriasis on my skin. I have a tiny spot on one of my arms that has almost disapperared... it's rather exciting!

    Have also been told that having your hair dyed can help a little as well.



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    jaggard Guest


    I had it about 4 years ago, it came suddenly on my scalp. It was so annoying. None of the shampoos did anything. I went and saw a psoriosis clinic in North Sydney. She got me to try liquid zinc, I said I couldn't taste a thing, she said that is supposed to be the worst tasting stuff and told me I was lacking in zinc. Apaarently if you lack zinc you cannot taste it... Weird... anyhow she gave me liquid zinc to take, a shampoo and then a cream which I put on my head at night. It was all natural, smelt like really strong aromatherepy oils, but honestly, it started clearing up in 3 days and after about 2 weeks it was completly gone and I haven't had anything since.
    I also fell pregnant with DD not long after, it took me 5 or 6 months with her and I'm sure it was my zinc levels that were affecting me not being able to fall. They say that women lacking in zinc can affect their fertility.

    Oysters are have an extremly high level of zinc so she told me to eat as many of those when i can. She also gave me a few foods to steer away from in that time, so tomatoes, capsicum and pineapple were out as they are too high in vitamin C.

    My brother gets it on his elbows and knees, he did try this cream but it didn't do too much for him. He stresses alot I'm sure that's not helping. We also have a godd friend that gets it quite badly over his whole body, he goes through stages and has to follow a strict diet.

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