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Thread: Throat/Chest/Respiratory Tract Infection...

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    Default Throat/Chest/Respiratory Tract Infection...

    Oh yes, how fantastic!
    So, to add to the general can't be bothered, lack of energy, too much to get done side of things, now I'm sick too! I guess it was about time, there's no way i could have possibly made it to summer without getting sick again! :P
    So yeah, not quite sure exactly what the problem is, basically being handed out some anti-biotics that are non-penicillin and pregnancy friendly and then got a "come back in a couple of days if you're not feeling better". Could be legionella, pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsilitis. He has no idea!
    And to add to it, because DF is sick as well, he's off the CPAP (for sleep apnea) machine, so his snorings absolutely terrible, and everytime he wakes, he wakes me as well. So, no easy-sleep tablet help for me, one of us just has to get turfed to the couch for a while!
    I was just starting to get on top of things again too, and now im feeling like utter crap! And ill no doubt end up with the everlasting cold for weeks after the infection(s)_ clear up anyway. My short, sweet case of laryngitis lasted for about six weeks!
    Haha, oh well, keeping my head up!
    Take care ladies!

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    hope you feel better soon

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