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thread: Using phenergen as a convenience

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    Nov 2009

    I've heard of that, but it's a pretty strong drug to blitz an immature nervous system. I made some Lullaby tea using herbs that nourish the nervous system and gently calm and soothe, and we use it in our house when anyone has trouble settling - from 1 yr old bub to 50 yr old dad and everyone in between. I feel good using this because it doesn't dope you, it nourishes your system and calms you down - I have really good sleeps when I use it and wake feeling rested instead of groggy.
    where can I get some of this....god i miss sleep

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    Sep 2008
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    We have used it for plane travel.
    I also use it when we go through our MASSIVE sleep deprived sessions, maybe once every 6months. Its when the girls are just so overtired their sleep routines are all over the place. No one gets any sleep for about a week when it happens. We use it for about 3 -4 nights in a row at a hlaf dose to get help us get everyones routines back. I don't think its fair on them when they are that over tired and can't sleep. I also don't think it's fair as a parent to be tired and grumpy and taking it out on the child. So yes - i am guilty as charged for using it as a sedative when it's needed here. Certainly not every night but when we need it i use it.

    For me personally, i also use it in place of cold and flu tablets. I'm allergic to codience and asprin which is in pretty much all C & F meds, so phernegan works well for me.

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    May 2008
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    A few weeks back a friend of mine was using it because her 2yr old wouldnt go to bed without needing her mum to cuddle her. So the mum, my friend, preferred to drug her child instead of cuddling her. You know why she didnt want to cuddle her daughter because it took up too much time, that she would miss out on her tv shows, that she wouldnt get on the internet soon enough. It took so much strength not to go to town on her actions. It makes me so angry to think people do this to their children because they are considered an inconvenience.

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    Oct 2009
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    My mum apparently used it on my brother to get him to sleep...he reacted to it by being hyper. Haha, taught her I guess.

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    Oct 2004
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    I used to be so anti the stuff until DD2 got the UTI from hell. The pharmacist had to convince me to take some and I am glad she did. It was the only thing that would calm her down enough to get fluids and AB's into her. Since then we have used to allergic reactions (we can get some super bugs out here), helps stop the itching so the girls can get some sleep.

    It does annoy me that it is abused, as it makes it so hard on those that have a legitimate use.

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    Sep 2007

    It does annoy me that it is abused, as it makes it so hard on those that have a legitimate use.
    Totally understandable

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    May 2007

    I used it when my DS was 2 following surgery as recommended by the surgeon. I also use it regularly for DS (now 5) for allergies. It is not a sedative dose though. Works wonders for him.

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    Dec 2005

    a pharmacist sold me a bottle once to aid in car sickness in my then 2 1/2 year old DD. he said to give it to her 20mins before going in the car. it wasnt even chronic car sickness.. hard to predict when it was going to happen, only happend a handful of times. i bought the bottle but never gave it to her. i had never heard of it being used as a car sickness medication. just seemed wrong to me.

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    I remember when DD was tiny (maybe a month or so) we went to a house party and one of the guys that was there was saying how he'd left his three kids at home with the baby sitter (wife in tow at party) as he just couldn't handle their whining anymore and so he'd "drugged the f'ers" by dosing them up on phenergan before they left I was aghast... not only at the drug use but at the terminology!

    Anyway, I commented on it to DH and he agreed yep, not something we'd be doing.

    Three and a bit years later... we haven't ever used phenergan, but we have used pain stop, for sedative purposes... much the same as one of the PPs, DD gets ulcers and when she does, she is inconsolable and does not sleep. A wink. So we use pain stop on the GP's advice. Is that different? Different medication I guess.

    I know that when I've had phenergan, I've been completely wiped and zonked. Don't know that I'd want my kids feeling like that...

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    Oct 2006
    Adelaide, SA

    I think it's wrong to use it as a sedative for your benefit, ie travel or slerp routines being out of whack etc My boss gave it to his young children so they would sleep through a car trip from Adelaide to Melbourne, on his doctors recommendation!!

    Using it as a sedative due to the child being on pain is a different story, if nothing else works.

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Three and a bit years later... we haven't ever used phenergan, but we have used pain stop, for sedative purposes... much the same as one of the PPs, DD gets ulcers and when she does, she is inconsolable and does not sleep. A wink. So we use pain stop on the GP's advice. Is that different? Different medication I guess.

    Phenergan has such a bad rap, when I believe there are plenty of other meds out there that get used as well for convenience. We all have out meds that we have never used/wont use. I have never used Painstop, I suppose as it has never been recommended to me by a GP or pharmacist. Saying that though I am not comfortable with dosing with both paracetamol and nuerofen. I am fine if the hospital does it, but it is not something I want to do it home and don't have an issue with parents that do use it (so long as they are dosing properly)

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    Nov 2010
    Perth, WA

    I've never used it personally - but I can see occasions where it could be warranted if done under medical supervision and following the directions on the bottle. Which IIRC say it shouldn't be given to children under 2 unless on a doctor's advice.

    Mind you, I think I got scared off by my mother's horror story of using it with my sister for a flight, not having given it to her before - only to find out she was also one of the ones that get the opposite result. Hyperactive toddler trapped on a plane was not fun apparently

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    Jan 2009

    I suppose what scares me is how dopey it does make you (well it does me anyway) and how does that affect a small child - in particular their breathing. Is it possible for them to get into a deep sleep and forget to breath? That would scare me alot.

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    Feb 2008
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    I'm even more horrified now that MIL suggested we use it when DD was having real issues going to sleep/staying asleep at night. And DF was all for using it..so glad I stood my ground and said there's no way in hell I'm going to drug her to sleep!

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    Jan 2005
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    I thought the hyperactive opposite reaction was a ploy by the chemist to put me off getting some! Mind you I asked for it to try to help my DS with his hayfever and was pointed toward children's claratyne instead.

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    Nov 2004

    Nope. Both my boys have the hyper reaction I was using it for severe allergic reactions.

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    Feb 2006
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    Legitimate medical problems I don't have a problem with but when you can't be bothered to be a parent to your children so you resort to drugging them then I do have a problem with.....the ultimate scare for me is as Ausgirl said they go into such a deep sleep that their breathing is affected and who knows how your child will react to it??? Very scary stuff. I once got on a long haul flight with DD and the person next to me asked me if I had drugged her, I was so shocked I didn't know what to say....I had a peadiatrician in South Africa tell me to use Pain Stop to get DD to sleep through the night at four months....I am amazed at so-called professionals recommending it in order to sedate children not for medical reasons, just for sedation.....

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    May 2007

    The thing is I suppose some people are driven to desperation and will try anything. I don't think they are necessarily wrong, maybe just not well informed. Then there are others that make informed decisions, but too are doing it out of desperation as exhausted emotional parents.

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