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Thread: Vaginismus & Conceiving

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    Hi Jodan - I have just been looking at botox for vag, do you mind telling me who the contact was in Syd, I have tried treating vag for the last 10 years and am at the stage in my life where i feel nothing has so far worked, I spoke with a counsellor that i came accross on web and she has positive feedback on the botox treatment - but has not been able to come across a Dr in Syd that does this procedure. If you could help that would be great. Charlie8

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    Hey Charlie, this thread is from 2005 so I don't think JoDan will answer.
    Someone else might come in and help but maybe start a new thread??
    Good luck.

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    Default Good gynecologist in Sydney for Vaginismus

    Can anyone recommend a good gynecologist here in Sydney for treatment of Vagnismus? Been married for almost a year now and still cant have sex. Im a 32 year old virgin and really wanting to have a baby. I havent seen any gynecologist in my life, im scared of doctors, but now my husband is very frustrated as its our first year anniversary next month and still nothing happened.

    Ive already tried 4 dilators successfully, but still cant have intercourse.

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