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Thread: Why does the spirit take on a human form?

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    Default Why does the spirit take on a human form?

    Why does the spirit take on a human form?

    I have just been reading the ?organ donation & your soul? thread and it?s got me thinking. I believe the physical human body is just a?..Tupperware container for holding the soul (okay bad joke). After death we are empty and our soul continues on, to where I?m not sure yet. I have told my husband I want to be cremated when I die. I do not want anyone to mourn over my body because it won?t be me, just a broken vessel.
    Yet I wonder why when we encounter those who have passed in reality, movies, paintings, books etc they take form in the body we remember and recognize them in. Do you think the physical body carries on with you through after death or is it way of simplifying something that we cant understand?

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    I think that you might be onto something with "simplifying something we can't understand".

    I read something once, trying to remember where, that made an attempt to explain the nature of human spirit and heaven and basically the physics of the afterlife. The author tried to explain that once we 'pass' we find ourselves in a place that could be described as the 4th dimension. Reality as we know it is kinda represented there... but more so. It's like a square is kinda like a cube.... but more so. We may find that our spirit is merely one facet of existence in the afterlife/Heaven etc. Just as a square is just one side of a cube.

    The author went on to explain that this could be why God is represented as a Holy Trinity... because he is more than just a single entity.... one facet is his Heavenly presence, another is his presence within us, another was in human form (Jesus). So... getting back to your question: I think that the reason spirits take on human form is because the person's humanity is a facet of it's continual existence and that we, as mortals are no more able to see the other facets of it's existence as a stick man draw on a page could perceive a 3D drawing.

    I used to watch this show called Cosmos in the late 80's when i was studying physics. The narrator gave this example; Imagine a dot, drawn on a piece of paper in a community of dots, suddenly, by some miracle, being lifted up into the air so that he could see all his fellow dots. Then place him back down and see what he says to his fellow dots.... well, it's wont be much. He doesn't have the word for "up".

    I think, in seeing spirits (if that is even possible) then we lack the language to describe them accurately or even really know what we are seeing half the time. So our perception is clumsy. They are of another dimension. We don't have the language... we do our best.

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    I like your explanation of one facet of a huge multifaceted reality, Bathsheba.

    I believe it's because when you experience the energy of the one who's passed your own sensory system recognises the energy 'signature' and processes into a form that is meaningful for you, based on your memories and experiences. Because the totality of spirit is too huge for the physical brain to really process all at once. I believe in reincarnation. So if my grandmother passed over then appeared to me, I sensed her energy, then my own body recognised that part of her that was familiar to me in this lifetime (ie Nanna as I knew her) rather than all the other forms she might have taken in other lifetimes.

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    I think it depends who you ask! Each will give a total different opinion. The answer will depend on ones spiritual beliefs too. Their religions!

    The best way to know is by your own experienes and perception of it all.

    I see spirit in many forms, not just the human form. The human form is only for our benifit so we know who they are when they visit. If one needs to "See" to believe in something, like knowing a spirit is real if they see it, ythen spirit will come in there last human form for that person. Otherwise they will just come as their true natural form, which is just light, sparks, ect.

    My experience only!!!!

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    Spirits take on human forms, in my belief, so they can grow as spiritual beings. After all we learn new things every day, and are often confronted with the same old mistakes/problems/issues so we can learn higher ways of dealing with them, or if your like me you just keep on making the same problems, and having the same things come up and whack you on the head and never really work through them or figure out a way of stopping them from happening... one of mine is dealing with intimidating people and I've had so many of them in my life - I'm sick and tired of being sent messages that end up with me having to deal with intimidating people - I just need to do something about it

    Hmm... not explaining it very well, but that's another thing I have to work on

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