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Thread: Mirena Drama - eek

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    Default Mirena Drama - eek

    After over a year with no period it came back yesterday with vengence. I was soaking through a pad in about an hour so I went off to the Dr this morning.
    She gave me some medication to stop the bleeding so she can have a look and scheduled an ultra-sound for friday but I just noticed that the pills say not to breastfeed so I'm just going to give them a miss for now and see if the bleeding starts to slow on it's own.
    I'm a bit freaked out. I'm going on holidays next friday so the timing is pretty bad - if it's moved somewhere freaky I don't really have time for surgery. I'm also a bit stressed by the concept that maybe it fell out a while ago and I'm having a miscarriage which is one of the possibilities that the Dr mentioned.
    I'm also a bit worried that I'm doing the wrong thing by not taking the pills to stop the bleeding.

    It was working so well......

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    oh Dach - *hugs*. I so hope it hasn't fallen out - although it is unlikely to have fallen out without you noticing. When I had my u/s (cause I lost my mirena strings) on Monday, the lady mentioned that if it wasn't inserted correctly, the problems would have started just after insertion, not this long (6 months) after.

    Do keep up your iron -

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    Oh Chloe, that's awful

    You have my full sympathies with the heavy bleeding! Particularly as you can't take the pill to slow it down because of the risk.

    Hope everything resolves itself before you go on holidays.

    thinking of you...

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    Kazbah, what was the outcome of your U/S? Was it still in place?

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