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    When we first lost Caterpillar back in July I had a lot of people pressuring me to do something to remember him by. The typical suggestion was a plant... but I am the kiss of death to all things green and simply can't keep plants alive - so completely NOT an option to remember my dearly loved and much wanted baby that couldn't stay. Apart from that, we rent and will not live her permanently, so I needed something that wasn't going to be permanently fixed in the ground.

    It's taken a lot of thinking and a lot of searching, but I have finally discovered the perfect thing to do.

    I know I can't post the link, but if anyone is interested, google "my forever child". It is a website that makes jewelry to commemorate miscarriages and lost pregnancies as well as lost children. They have several different bracelet designs that can be customised using birth stones to represent the months of conception, loss and when our angel babies would have been due. They also have several different charms to symbolise different elements.

    I have come up with a charm bracelet design for my Caterpillar that will remember the month he was created and frozen as an embryo, the month he was transferred and miraculously came to life inside me, the month we lost him, and the month he would have been due to enter this world.

    I have gained an amazing sense of peace in finally deciding what I am going to do, even though I haven't even ordered the bracelet yet. I thought that this may help others in the same boat and wanted to share.

    I also discovered a few other sites that do similar things, but this was the one that worked best for me. I can give their names also if anyone is interested.


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    BW, that sounds just beautiful

    I did the plant thing but sadly, I don't have a green thumb either and after managing to keep it alive for over 12 months, the frost got to it. Thankfully, I haven't found this too distressing, just rolled my eyes and thought 'typical'! LOL.

    For me, I'm more a tattoo kinda gal have it all planned out and waiting till I finish b'feeding to have it done, but last October on the anniversary of our EDD I went and brought the Pandora angel charm. Not sure if you've seen it but it was just perfect. I was just about due to have L and found that day very, very difficult. I didn't have my Pandora bracelet then so I just wore it on a silver chain around my neck. I had it on when I was in labour and when I gave birth to our son, knowing that our angel was watching over us. Now I have my bracelet, she sits just where she belongs with her sister and brother, between my little girl and little boy charms.

    Going to check out that site though, sounds great.

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    What a wonderful idea BW. A special reminder you can forever cherish.

    Lv Spring

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    What a beautiful idea!! I have seen similar things in magazines, but i like the idea of custom designing it with certain charms!! I think i will check it out!!

    Thanks for the great idea!!


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    BW, what a beautiful way to remember your precious angel. Thank you for sharing

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    That really is an excellent suggestion.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    It really appeals to me I'll have to look into it a bit more.
    I can only wear certain types of metal due to allergies so I'll be looking into getting somehting made.
    Thanks so much.


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    with some encouragement from BW i visited the site - i wasn't looking for a rememberance item so much as something to push me to be more positive in looking forward in this journey. So, i contacted the site, and arranged to have an anklet made (i already have a bracelet for our angel babies) - so now i have received this gorgeous anklet...

    my anklet

    it has message beads :
    Faith, Courage, Hope and Grace - each having strong meaning for me

    i LOVE it!!

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    My charm bracelet arrived, and was worn for a few days, and then sent back to have one of the charms switched. It just wasn't quite right as it was. I received it back in the mail yesterday and I find that it's absolutely perfect now. When I have the right lighting I'll put a picture in the gallery so everyone can see, and I'll explain why each charm is as it is.

    Meanwhile, I was so impressed with how helpful the woman running the website (Sue Mosquera) was as I ordered a message bracelet with fairly complicated requirements. I needed something to focus forwards with, and there were many, many emails running backwards and forwards until I had just the right words (which landed in my lap one night at a completely unrelated dinner). The second bracelet arrived with my first one, and I'm completely in love with both. I have in the gallery the picture of the second bracelet that Sue sent me to check that everything was ok before it was shipped. Like BG, the words on the bracelet have very strong meanings for me and it is just amazing now to not only have something with which to remember my Caterpillar, but something to help me focus on the future and not giving up.

    message bracelet


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