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Thread: Anyone know incidence of missed miscarriage in 1st tri?

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    Question Anyone know incidence of missed miscarriage in 1st tri?

    I believe it is reasonably well known that about 1 in 5 pregnancies result in early miscarriage, however, is anyone aware of stats on the incidence of missed miscarriage (ie. go in for scan anytime up until 12wks and baby has stopped growing/died but no bleeding ect.) during the first trimester? I imagine it would be easy to document such results compared to an actual miscarriage (which could go unreported) however I am unable to find information on this. Please let me know if you can direct me to info on missed miscarriage.


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    Sorry I don't know, but would be interested to find out. My copy of 'what to expect' says that missed m/c is "VERY rare", and this really annoys me because anecdotally it doesn't seem to be rare at all. I'm also not sure how rates of 'missed' m/c would be accurately established, since even if a woman begins to miscarry spontaneously this could be a delayed response to an earlier foetal death - IYKWIM.

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    sorry Jac but I cant help either.

    mgm, I agree with your comments. Where do you draw the line on the description of a missed m/c. I only knew I was m/c due to bleeding. Upon scans it showed that the bub had stopped aout a week before.

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    Mgm, you are right. I think that in reality, alot of miscarriages are missed miscarriages but it is only because we have the opportunity to have more early ultrasound, are they being picked up and labelled as "missed" as opposed to a miscarriage. I know when I was pg with dd 6 years ago, they did not do ultrasounds in the antenatal clinics so I had no opportunity to have a u/s unil 12 weeks whereas a year ago, I went for my first antenatal visit at 10 weeks to a public hospital and the doctor got the ultrasound machine and there was no heartbeat and baby had probably died 10 days before. Had I not had that u/s I may have miscarried a week later and it would have been a miscarriage (as opposed to a missed miscarriage)_ Hope that made sense.

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    i had a missed m/c. Baby had died a few days before 12 week scan and had no sign that anything was wrong. No bleending - nothing. Had even felt the bub move around just before it died.
    It was termed a missed m/c by my OB
    hope this info helps

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    All three of my m/c have been termed missed m/c because I didn't miscarry naturally. All of the babies were still there when ultrasounds were done and I had D&C's done.....

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    I had a missed m/c at 9wk4days, went for dating scan and was told bubs died 4-5 wks.
    I wasnt told it was a missed mc, found that out after when researching the internet for all I could find on miscarriage.
    one site I went to said that the incidence of missed mc is very rare and happend to 1% of pgs, personallY I think that is a load of bull, from all the women in this forum I have spoken to who have had one.
    when I was in emergency the doctor advised me to have a d&c as the baby hadnt expelled itself, and it was almost 2 mths later, also due to risk of infection.
    I would be interested in an actual number though.

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    I also had a Missed m/c - i had had a scan at about 5 weeks and then another at 12 weeks and it had died at about 7 weeks with no symptoms what so ever for me and i had to have a D&C a few days after it bein discovered

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    If your after specific studies and statistical data perhaps you could try some university libraries, if you haven't already done so.

    I've also had a missed m/c at 11 weeks baby had died at 8w5d, I had no idea until I went for scan.


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    I had a missed m/c found at the 9 1/2 Weeks scan - I had probably
    a smear of brownish discharge about a week before but absolutely nothing
    else symptomwise!!

    How about we do a poll on this very question?? If anyone can set it up I will
    definately be involved!!

    Best of luck with everything

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    I was told it's less than one percent...but it does seem to be more common anecdotally. But then that could just be because we have more opportunities to hear about it because of the internet.

    My first miscarriage was in the second trimester, but was still termed a missed miscarriage.

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    That's a good question - I also don't know the answer, but got the impression it was rare. Speaking to friends and family, the majority of stories I heard were of miscarriages with symptoms. I had no idea such a thing existed until I had it.

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