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Thread: Blighted Ovum/missed abortion(Missed miscarrige)

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    Just last week I had a D&C done because 2 Dr's told me I had a missed abortion also known as a missed miscarrige. I had 2 sonograms and they both said the same thing. They told me the baby wasn't developing properly. When I went for the D&C they did another sonogram and they told me I had a blighted Ovum. That the baby NEVER developed into an embryo and all it was was an empty sac. I had the D&C done because the "Baby" never expelled. I'm going to request the copy of the 1st 2 sonograms, I already requested the last one I had. I want to compare the 3 to see what really happened. Was there really a baby or not. Each sonogram was taken about a week apart of each other.

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    Frist off i want to send you long distance hugs. And i would do the same i wish when i had my missed misscarriage i would have done the same thing that you are doing

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    Tj123- I really am sorry that you are going through this right now. It is not a nice thing to happen and can be very confusing. I will let you know what happened with me, and hope it helps a little.
    DH and I started TTC in November. I stopped the pill at the start of the month, and had a period middle of November. I managed to miss the next AF, and was having lots of pregnancy symptoms, but was showing negative on a HPT. So I went to the doctor and asked to have a Blood Test. She was a right royal cow, and told me that maybe it was the heat causing me to have dizzy spells, and that when you want a pregnancy so bad your brain can tell your body to have symptoms (sore nipples, dizzy spells, and nausea). Anyways, I demanded her to give me a request form for the BT, and left. I decided maybe I "WAS" having a longer than normal cycle, and waited to see if the next period would turn up. It didn't so I had a BT. It confirmed that I was pregnant, and HCG levels were really high, up where they should be if I was 9 weeks pregnant (as suspected). So I went to a new Docs Clinic, and they sent me that day for a scan. That scan was the worst day of my life, it showed a sac (the size that it should have been if I was 6 weeks, and yet going by LMP I should be 10) and it looked like their was nothing in there. She said maybe no baby developed or it stopped really early. She did say that maybe it was just that my cycle was a longer one and that dates were off. Doctors monitored my HCG levels, and said although they were increasing, they were not doubling as they should. They told me it was my choice (I had found out my step sister was told the same thing on her 1st scan, and waited another 6 weeks and there was her Baby, so I said I would give it another 4 weeks to see if I either Miscarry or have a scan then and see a Baby). Well 2 days before that I ended up bleeding, went to Hospital, and they said HCG had dropped a fair bit from 4 weeks ago. And finally that afternoon hey did a scan and showed the sac had only grown in size 5mm from 4 weeks ago. I was told there was nothing in there again, and I would hopefully pass the sac in a few days.
    I passed that sac, and all felt good, I was back on track thinking about starting again, when I started bleeding again. So I went to the U/S clinic and had another scan. They could see a sac in there. Doctor sent me to a Gyno, and he said possibly that there was two in there and I only passed one (funny only one showed on the 2x U/S's I had). Anyways, I ended up having the D&C and was allowed to start TTC straight away. I think we fell pregnant the 1st cycle but as the lining would have been thick Bubs didn't stick (that's ok). The following cycle we fell again. And here I am.

    I am sorry this is o long, but I know the heartache you are going through, and what made me feel a little bit better was reading other people's stories, and knowing I was not alone. Sooooo many people have never heard of this, therefore it makes it a little scary. There are a few things that may help you understand:
    1-HCG levels "should" double every 24 hours (depending how far you are) but Docs say not every womans will, but this is an indicator of a not-so-good pregnancy to them
    2-Gestational Sacs should grow 1mm per day in the beginning(I guess not all will, but again they use this as an indicator).
    3-once the Sac measures (I am pretty sure it was 20mm, apologies if I am wrong) you should definitely see at the least a yolk sac, but also a fetal pole in there too.
    4- as the sac is implanted in your uterus you may still have pregnancy symptoms like lots of pregnant women (in fact I have much less symptoms and feeling with this one than I did with that one).

    Grieve as much as you feel you need to, even if there was no baby, your egg still met the sperm (so you were in fact pregnant, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) and they still implanted into the uterus, and divided into cells (or whatever they do, I forget this part). Basically it all happens except the fetus part, so you can still feel what you do.

    I hope you have a great support network, it is hard when people do not understand. I am more than happy to answer any more questions you may need, just send me a message to my inbox.

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