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Thread: Ectopic pregnancy and methotrexate

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    Default Methotrexate is horrible

    Dear Rachel,
    Wow is all I can say. I found that there is a methotexate haters group on facebook. I just joined it and added a thread asking the same thing I asked here. If there area any woman out there who feel that MTX has caused a birth defect in their children. If you are on FB i encourage you to write on the thread to encourage more woman to do the same. I saw that you area in AU that is so cool. One day I hope to go there, my husband went on business a couple of years back and loved it. Thanks for writing.

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    Hi Mommy2Koen
    I have being reading up on Methotrexate as I was sure I had an ectopic pregnancy (no one believed me for 2weeks) I was wanting to know the treatment as I suspected it as early as 4-5weeks gestation.
    I give you much praise and am hoping what you are doing (gathering info from other women who have taken methotrexate)is going to help other women and the health services give better information to women undergoing treatment using methotrexate or have the option not to have it.
    My EP was diagnosed 2weeks after I first suspected I had one in which time having the Methotrexate was then not an option due to the size my tube was and risk of it rupturing anyway. When discussing the options with the Dr he said the methotrexate was not an option for me and I said that was ok as I didn't want it anyway (purely from reading this thread and another on another forum). He said its the first line of treatment for EP if possible over a tubal removal. He asked me why I didn't want it and I said it depletes your folate and contributes to birth defects and he completely disagreed with me. He insisted it was safe to take although did say you have to wait 3/4months to ttc again. He said he had never heard of it causing problems in future pregnancies. This Dr was a leading IVF dr in Westmead and I could not believe he had not heard about the need for folic acid after taking methotrexate. It just made me wonder how many women recieve this treatment and have no idea about precautions to take for future pregnancies when leading obstetricians and Gynos don't seem to know or give accurate information. It really is very concerning. GL I hope you get all the support you need.

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    I have been keeping an eye on this thread as I am currently being treated with methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. This means I'm on it long-term, and also means I have a much greater risk of it causing problems in future pregnancies...

    I find it interesting that the OB/gyns don't think it's that big an issue. My rheumy made me swear blind that returning to IVF in the near future wasn't on the agenda, and despite both my husband and myself having a zero chance of natural conception ever occurring, insisted I was on the pill before I could start taking it. I also must take 5mg of folate every day, and must continue this for 3-6 months after stopping MTX before I can even think about going back to IVF.

    The knowledge of just how nasty this drug is (it scares the living daylights out of me, but I really don't have any other options) does exist out there - but not in the branch of medicine that helps those of you who have had ectopic pregnancies.


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    All I can say is thank goodness I didnt go down that path. But I must say I had a few doctors come & see me in my hospital room pushing for methotrexalayte but my DH went home & did research online about it & wasnt keen. I wanted it over & done with & I wanted the 'easy way out', no surgery. Thinking back now I was given barely any info from the doctors & nurses about meth. However I was unable to have it anyway as my blood tests didnt come back 100%. How scary that women are being given this drug without a full explanation.

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    Default Ectopic

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and have just been given a dose of MTX. This is my 2nd ectopic pregnancy.

    The first one was in September 2008. I was at 10 weeks and the fetus had grown to 5.3cm in the left tube. I had pain on my left side that was worse when i went to the toilet. I have a high pain threshold and just assumed it was constipation or something. I started spotting so i went to the emergency room ( it was a Saturday and my OB was closed). They did an ultrasound and a blood test and misdiagnosed it as a miscarriage caused by a cyst on my ovaries.

    On Monday afternoon i went to see my OB who re did the ultrasound and booked me into theater within 2 hours. They removed my left tube and through lap surgery. I was devastated and i didn't understand why he left the ovary without a tube. He advised me that the body works in mysterious ways and that sometimes when the left side ovulates the right tube can catch it as it's not that far away and it's not fully attached to the right ovary. it has little feelers that catch any eggs being released regardless of the side it's released from.

    12 months later i lost 17kg and had gotten over my depression about the ectopic and decided to try again. I charted my period and i knew i had conceived first go. Even before i had my first missed period i has sore breasts. Then 4 days before my period was due i started bleeding. I figured it was a miscarriage and left it at that.

    5 days after the bleeding had stopped i still had cramping. On a whim i took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I went to the hospital and they didn't believe i had been pregnant because it was so early. I said i probably miscarried but with a positive test and my previous history i wanted to make sure i didn't have any cells or a partial growing. They took some blood and sent me for an internal u/s.

    The internal u/s showed the 'ring of fire' around my left ovary ( the one without the tube) which i was told means that's the one that released the egg. They couldn't find anything in my right ovary, tube or uterus. The doctor told me then that my HGC level was only 25 and that i had miscarried but it had left my system and the cramping should stop in another day or 2.

    On Monday i had another blood test to confirm it had left my system and a follow up appointment was booked in with my OB for Wednesday morning at 8am. On Tuesday morning i woke up with bad cramping and another heavy bleeding. I called my OB's rooms and told them that i had an appointment on Wednesday but i had started bleeding and should i be worried. They called me back and said my OB was in surgery all day but the on call OB wants to see me ASAP.

    The on call OB told me my levels on Monday were still @ 25 and he thinks the bleeding this morning was just my body getting rid of the last of it. He offered to do a curette to get rid of it or wait 16 hours and talk to my OB about it and see if it settles overnight. I chose to wait and see how it goes.

    It didn't settle and when i spoke to my OB on Wednesday morning he suggested i have the curette. Within 40 mins i was in the hospital ( Gotta love private hospitals for lack of waiting!) The did another blood test before the surgery and the curette was done without complications.

    Thursday night i got a call from my OB himself (which was worrying as his receptionist usually calls) who said that the lab came back on the curette and no cells were found. My blood test done before surgery still showed a level of 25. On friday morning i did another blood test and went to see my OB friday afternoon. again my levels were at 25 and he advised me to have a dose of MTX.

    I asked him what the side effects were and he said that since it was a once off dose it would kill off the cells and would leave my system within 3 months. After that time i could TTC again but i would have to stay away from direct sunlight and sun lamps for a while and i may have cramping, bleeding and nausia for a week or too. The only other thing he said was to stop taking my pregnancy vitamins ( blackmores gold) for the next 3 weeks.

    He then had his nurse give me the drug and i had to get a blood test on Monday (today) + wed and Fri to confirm it had worked.

    My OB said it was defiantly in my remaining tube (right) but it's so small it would cause more damage to the tube if he went in lapro again and he couldn't confirm he would be able to find it in their anyway considering how small it is. He said it wouldn't cause any damage to the tube if it was killed off with the MTX but if left untreated it would make my body think i'm pregnant and stop it from releasing any further eggs making it impossible to keep TTC anyway.

    I'm confused, nauseated and ever so tired. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
    As my levels were so low i'm wondering if it was overkill to give me that drug considering what i've read of here. Would it have gone away in a few weeks time since it didn't appear to be growing or would it just sit there and block my tube like my OB said? I trust him a lot but i'm still scared that i've done the wrong thing.
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    Kahula I am so sorry to read about the trouble you have had in your ttc journey and the losses you have had.
    As for the Dr prescribing Methotrexate I don't know if its overkill or more prevention in case it doesn't go away and develop further causing you to have more damage in your remaining tube. If I was in your position (I have lost one tube from ectopic and am terribly concerned of a repeat due to damage to my remaining tube) I would want the Methotrexate in the hope it helps save it if there was another ectopic that can not be located. Weather there is or not another ectopic that could cause further damage to your remaining tube I do think the benefit of having the drug to hopefully prevent damage would outway the risks of having the drug. That is me however and I am sure others will feel differently. Please know I am thinking of you at this difficult time.

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    while I dont like the drug I understand the benefits in cases liek yours what I hate is people not being given the full facts start taking 5mg folic acid NOW.... do not TTC within the year from someone who did its just not worth the heartache if something goes wrong...

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