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Thread: misscarriage and eptoic pregancy

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    lovebourbon Guest


    Hi all
    How are you going??
    I only just recieved a topic reply notification ?? doesnt matter just glad to see that my words were taken the right way.
    Hope your doing ok...
    Me? Im taking each day as it comes, feeling very isolated with my feelings... Missing him heaps. But ill be ok.

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    Tammy - So sorry to hear of your recent loss, hopefully you will be able to find the support you need with the girls on here though. I know they were a grat help to me and also my DP as I was able to get alot off my chest and get some answers from the others too.

    Loveburbourn - It's great to hear that you are doing better lately, It gets easier with time yet you never forget and I dont think anyone ever could really.

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