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Thread: MTHFR Gene?

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    Default MTHFR Gene?

    Does anyone have a problem with this MTHFR Gene? I just found out that I do. My doctor doesn't know if it is relevent to my m/c but wants to put me on baby aspirin. I also heard that extra follic acid would help. My doctor also said that I should be on a low carb diet. It is good for TTC and pregnancy.


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    I too have this gene. Fortunatly I havent had any m/c problems with it but i have also know about it for a long time. With all my pregnancy's i have been on a high dose of folate and it is also recommended to take mega B as well.

    The gene can be linked to many m/c. but it also doenst mean that a dose of folate will garentee you not to m/c but it has been proven to help.

    My problem that i have with my gene is around 33-34 weeks it begins (they think its the MTHFR) to cause high BP problems for me and I also have smaller babies then most women.

    Alot of women can also have it without even knowing till they have had a few m/c as its not something tested for unless you have a known family history and as it is also a fairly newly reconsised gene with problems its not to well known about.

    It can also cause problems without pregnancy as well, its got alot to do with blood clotting/stroke.

    Hoped my info helped. Any questions feel free to PM me or post.

    Your Dr will recomend how to go about treating the MTHFR but make sure that you go onto a dose of mega floate which is 5 grams (you have to ask the pharamcist for it, its not on the shelf) rather then the normal .5grams for a normal pregnant women. and Mega B if you can start taking it.

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    I don't have it but I know there is someone on here that does. I think she may be in the older ladies TTC forum as I used to chat there, but I'm not sure, you could try dropping by there and asking, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. It can cause miscarriages, but not in all women who have the gene. From what I remember the really high dose folic acid was the main thing that is recommended for it - like 10 times the usual dosage - I think you have to get it from a chemist. The other treatment was low dose aspirin (I think this is to prevent clotting which can be caused by this gene). I'd go with the docs advice and see what happens. Best of luck with your next pregnancy.

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    I have it and did a detailed post about it when I found it. I will bring up the link for you.

    ETA - link is here I hope it helps


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