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Thread: No heartbeat...totally unexpected.

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    Hey Pukeko,

    I shouldnt assume they are just cruising through a pregnancy. I shouldnt assume they havent suffered a near identical loss experience to me.
    Ha ha.........funny you should say that! In April 2003 I started a new project and met a very pregnant woman and it broke my heart as, to be honest, I was JEALOUS! I came home from work that day, and had a big screaming hissy-fit when all my pent up sadness and frustration and cluckiness just came out in tears.

    Anyway, I got over myself and ended up getting to know this lady quite well through work: she was actually really nice and I swallowed my evil :evil: thoughts about how jealous I was. We started to get on well, and over coffee one day she shared with me the fact that she was 39, had been TTC for 6 years, and had suffered 2 missed miscarriages. Uuummm......taught me a lesson, that's for sure!

    (She now has an ADORABLE baby boy called Charlie and I am still friends with her, so I am thankful that I "got over myself" and that she gave me that hidden message.......)

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    Default I have been there too and sympathiese wholheartedly

    Am so sorry to hear about you're experience but I am living proof that you can succeed the second time round. I now have a healthy 3 year old son. The most important thing i can tell you is to truly let yourself and your husband grieve the loss. Find strength in your ability to confront this sadness together. No doubt, like me, you are already planning another pregnancy but give yourself time... I concieved after 5 months after my experience and to be honest I think that gave me time to gather my courage and strength to stay positive throughout the pregnancy. I wish you all the best and hope that time will heal you and take you safely through the next pregnancy and to a beautiful baby.

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