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Thread: Second D&C and Not Looking Good...HELP!

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    ~Sarah~ Guest

    Default Second D&C and Not Looking Good...HELP!

    Hey Gals. Can any one help me with this?...
    I misscarried at Christmas time and had a D&C on Australia Day (26 Jan)....I Bled for 4 wks then started having bad cramps so I went to the hospital and they said there is still some retained product (hello...retained product! that 'retained product' just happens to be my poor little Baby! you insensitive people!) Anyway so they did a second D&C on 26th of Feb...this time I was so hopeful...just a light bleed for 6 days, no cramps...then BAM!...on Monday night I started gushing blood and clots. Then it stopped. Then more heavy bleeding on Tuesday, and today! The hospital Gyno says I have to come in on Friday for more tests...When I asked her what she thinks is wrong she said "Well, it's not looking good"....what the crud does that mean!?
    Grrr not happy...Whats wrong with me. I should be 18 weeks pg not wondering when the next time they cut me up will be.
    Has anyone heard of needing a THIRD D&C? Or am I just special...or is it something worse then just 'retained product'?

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    JadeTara Guest


    oh sarah i am so sorry you have been going thru such hell. i don't know what it could be and i cant believe how insensitive your doc has been i would be screaming for someone to do something and tell me what is going on. i am thinking of you.
    x x x x

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    OMG Sarah,
    I am thinking of you hon, what a terrible time you have had i am [-o< it gets better for you very soon, those darn dr's need a good kick up the bum for giving you the run around like this and treating you so insensitivly you poor thing.
    Have you got the option of going to another hospital? although that could make things harder atleast they know your history where you are.
    Please know that I am thinking of you and sending you heaps of
    Take care sweet I hope this is over for you soon :flower:

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    Oh Sarah, you poor thing!
    I can truly say I know how you feel becasue I have just been there and yes, I did have 3 D&Cs! Much as I hope you will not need to.
    I had a missed m/c discovered late last yr and 1st D&C New Years Eve. 10 days later bleeding almost stopped but still lots of cramping and feeling "unwell". Scan showed "retained product" which like you. I found such a horrible term considering a baby had once been forming from that "tissue". 2nd D&C with a scan whilst in theatre to be sure all was removed. A week later still not feeling well and a fever -onto three antibiotics!! Over the next weeks still getting some cramping and still quite high HCG levels .Was booked for lap/hysteroscopy to investigate recurrent m/c's anyway and when they looked in my uterus -STILL small amt of "product" remaiing. Had another "gentle" D&C and typical bleeidng afterwards but HCG levels still up over a week later. Somehow in all this I ovulated so eventually AF arrived and VERY painful, with clots etc. Still took awhile for HCG to fully drop but I think the "natural" bleedign was truly what 'cleared" me out in the end. My point in this longwinded story (sorry, wasn't trying to make it about me) was that maybe some of your current bleeding could be AF? Have they been monitoring HCG/hormmone levels.
    I think the hospital DR is awful to have said that to you and THEN to say wait till FRIDAY to come in for some answers!! Can you not get some tests,scans etc done sooner?? You should push harder if you are not feeling right. I don't think my Dr believed me when I kept saying things were not 'right' but at least they looked and tested -only to find that my instincts were correct!
    Its horrible to have a m/c in the first place but when it drags on and on with complications, it jus makes it so hard to "move on".
    Please make sure you get the help you deserve and let us know how things go. I hope things are sorted for you soon.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    Thanks my darlings for your response!
    Meredith~ WOW honey! Crud eh? So glad I'm not the only one. I am having my HCG levels done on friday (tomorrow) in the morn and then going back in the arvo to see the gyno for results of D&C pathology and see by the ultrasound they said it could be a molar, a twin or just 'retained product'....they recon, apparently I must have been having twins(Hmmm dunno about that one!) and with the first D&C they must have missed one and that twin B has either started to 'break down' or is a molar...they also said I could have open blood vessles bleeding into my womb and they may need to fix that if things don't settle down this time...I think they were surprised at how much 'retained product' there was and thats why they are coming out with these wild theories. I personally think that if they don't have any results yet they should keep all these funky ideas to themselves! they are starting to freak me out! Hmmm just have to wait for the path results...YEY! I did get mad with appointment was originally for the 17th!.
    This second D&C was done at another hospital so I'm thinking they are all just complete knobheads! I say fix it....fix it now!!! take out the bits I dont need and let me get on with TTC already. Yeesh!

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    OMG Sarah, you poor thing. :hugs: When I had my first m/c I had to have a D&C but fortunatley I didn't have t have a follow up one. I have heard of some girls having a second one done, though. If possible I would try and see another gyno at the hospital and get he/she to do the next D&C.

    I am sorry I am not much help, I am thinking of you and hope everything goes well.

    Take Care


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    bindy82 Guest


    i have just recently gone through an incomplete miscarriage, and 2 D&C's. my first D&C was on the 4th of Jan and then 2 weeks later i also started gushing blood and huge clots etc it was so scary(3'ish in the morning). both times i had to wait "my turn" for surgery but it was within 24 hrs(just!), i had to spend the night the second time though .

    I'm really sorry that you have gone through what u have, and just wanted to let u know i'm thinking bout u.

    thankfully, i didn't need a 3rd D&C, but i was terrified i would need it.
    i know how u feel when they say "retained products" because my baby had apparently been, umm well u know, for about 3-4weeks b4 i even knew anything was wrong, hence the incomplete miscarriage... and then there was still "retained products"(they told me that they didn't get the baby the first time, so i had to deal with the fact it was still there aswell while i was physically going through hell), alot more then expected, i had to have the ustrasound to see what was left inside , but they needed to use the bit they put up inside to actually see the problem cause it didnt' show up on the normal belly ultrasound the second time... and they had to call in other doc's cause there were probs they couldn't explain but either way it still meant a second emergency D&C within 2 weeks....I was Not happy trust me....
    But i'm happy to say i have successfully gone through my first period 2 weeks ago, without clots etc i was so scared it wouldn't stop iykwim but it did, so i suppose that s one good thing hey...but its the mental side of things now that i have to deal with...

    I really hope things get much better for you asap, and just know that everyone here is really supportive


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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    Well... I ended up in hospital again yesterday cause I started bleeding heavily and felt sooo dizzy...anyho, they did another ultrasound and I will quote the tech "WOW honey there is still so much 'product' in there"
    I mean, OMG people! you cant be all did actually graduate from med school didn't you!
    So tomorrow I shall go in for a 3rd D&C but this time they are going to put a camera up there at the same time so the can see what is in there and make sure they get it all. Im so not happy girls! When will this all be over...I feel like I'm going to bleed forever. Im so dizzy today I can hardly see straight...oh and I also have an infection from all the trauma and the amount of time the 'product' has been in there. They gave me 4 different kinds of anibiotics through my drip last night and sent me home with more.
    Why do I have to be suffering from the 'uncommon'? why cant they just get it all...HO HUM.
    Thanks so much all you gorgeous girls who have replied and listened to me whinge!

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    Oh Sarah

    Im am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this, i know how traumatic my m/c was then the next day have to have the d&c, it took me a while to mentally recover, so you poor thing this must be really hard on you i can only imagine.

    please now that you will be in my thoughts tomorrow and once this if finally over you will be back on the TTC wagon in no time, just think on the + side you will be so cleaned out that the next bubba is going to stick so well!!!

    goodluck tomorrow sweety :flower:

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    lucysmummie Guest


    Hey ~ Sarah~ my gorgeous bubby ol pal!!!!

    Love u bunches... hang in there ok we all go through tuff times but when we come through we r SO much stronger!!!!


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    Sarah, i am so sorry to hear what you have been through.

    Wishing you all the best for today...hope everything goes well for you.

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    Bambi Guest


    Oh Sarah, Honey....
    I haven't heard from you in a while and i was getting worried. I read up on here what has been happening to you.
    And i am so sorry, I couldn't imagine what you are going through, I hope everything is ok.
    You and your family are in my thoughts, I wish you all the best.

    You tell those Dr's where to go... They better fix you soon, Or i will be ringing them up and abusing them.
    I hope they get whatever it is in there.... and you get fixed soon.
    I wish i could be there with you....

    All the best. Huggs to you Darl. I wish all the Luck in the World.

    Hows the girls and Andrew coping through all this??? Hows Melbourne???Please keep in touch. Missing you heaps.

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    Oh - what an awful story. I dont know how you are still coping!!
    I hope things will ease up for you after tomorrow - we will all be thinking of oyu.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    well ladies the saga continues...I'm not having my surgery today! Hmmm no...they are gunna wait till thursday now. You see every time they have done an ultrasound they have done a D&C straight after so they didn't know if it was more product left behind or if something had grown since the last D& this time...because they did an ultrasound last Thurs they can now do another ultrasound this Thurs and compare the two to see if there is more...get my drift! Grrr....Oh well at least they are trying something different now. They also said they will send the camera through my tummy and may end up making a bigger incision like a c-section to remove whats in there depending on what they see...Hmm oh and they also may give me a treatment of chemo after just to make sure!
    I just dunno how Im going to make it till Thursday...I'm tired of waiting and being unwell and dizzy and bleeding and cramping...they said if I get too sick I need to go back and they will just keep me in hospital till Thurs! ...Umm I dont think so!
    You girls rock! Its so nice to get all your comments as you listen to me whinge...again!

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    Bambi Guest


    Whinge away babe. We are all here to listen and help.
    I am thinking of you.
    I hope the best for you.
    Please keep us informed.

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    kirsty Guest


    Sarah sweetheart I hope that this nightmare journey ends soon for you. What a horrible time of it you are having.

    Can I just ask why they are considering giving you a course of chemo??

    Whinge away all you like that is what we are here for.

    Sending you big hugs & thinking of you lots.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    Hey Kristy how is ya gorgeous...well they might give me chemo depending on what they find...if it looks like there is anything other then product of conception it may be pre cancerous because it has grown in such a short period of time...I think its just to cover all the bases...chemo is not just for the treatment of cancer but a very toxic drug which kills a wide variety of benign and malignant least I should be happy that they are trying to prevent bad things form taking over my body...Hmm yes I am very greatful to the medical profession for the way they have delt with this...NOT!
    They SHOULD have done a follow up a week after the 1st D&C and then they SHOULD have done what they are about to do back in the begining of Feb not left me till 17th of march! But anyway!... lol

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    OMG Sarah, you poor thing. As the other girls have said whinge away. We are all here for you.

    I hope everything is ok and that you don't end up having to have chemo done and this all ends soon.

    Please take care of yourself

    Loads Love and hugs

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