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    I trust my DD's nanny as much as I'd trust anyone else with her, apart from DP and myself. We interviewed her, checked her references and made sure we hired someone that was very experienced and that interacted well with DD. I stayed with them for the first day and in the same room for the first morning. (She started three days a week and is now two days a week, with DD in preschool for one day).

    I work from home so I'm around a lot and I can hear/see what is going on through my office window. DD still took some time to adjust to me not being with her all the time once her nanny started, but she loves her and I take that as a good indication. When I do go out to meetings I don't always arrive back at the time I've specified.

    I gave our nanny a comprehensive list of things I expected her to do, but she still gets at least an hour, sometimes two, to herself while DD is napping. I do suggest certain activities to her, but mostly she is proactive about where she takes DD (walking, not in the car) and what they do.

    I am much happier with DD in the care of someone she has developed a one-on-one relationship with in her own home and surroundings where I can still see her and spend time with her when I'm free. I make a point of having lunch with her and putting her down for her nap myself.

    I'd much rather have a good nanny than leave her with my MIL - who is certainly NOT to be trusted!

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    Thanks for the info - it was really g8t to read..

    I myself have been a nanny for 5+ years (now working in long daycare with local gov) and was cared for by a child minder in her own home when I was young.

    I feel very hurt when I first read negative things regarding nannies, esp. in the press. And more often is the case it is when young girls are hired with no qualification!!!!This drives me mad, people want the best for their children but they wont pay accordingly and hire inexperienced ladies who at times cause more trouble than its worth and i put that fault onto the parents for hiring then. This may sound harsh but i am always coming across people who only get their ford car serviced at Ford!!!But don?t hire professional childcare workers to care and EDUCATE their children. (I see this as a huge part of a nannies role, teaching the children everyday life situations, going to the shops, library, waiting in a queue all these things, not cleaning your house, you hire a cleaner for that!!!.

    In Australia they have a long way to come with nannies and nanny networks (that is why I no longer do it). in the UK many families are now hiring au pairs - these are also no nannies and am sure it is or should be illegal to leave your children in their care, and why would you an au pair is someone learning your language!!!

    If you vet the applicant well first and see what qualification they have and (I know we all hate this question) where they see themselves in 5 years???.also check out what experience they have and references. Police checks, working with children checks, first aid the list could go on.

    Discuss what you would like a nanny to do, will they be able to use you car, do you even want them leaving the house?

    A list of duties I would perform include
    Keeping the children?s rooms clean and tidy, launder the children?s clothes, not while the children were there as my duty of care was to be with them, so I did this when they were either sleeping or at kinder, friends for a play
    I would take the children to appointments, get them vaccinated, drop off and pick up from school/kinder/childcare.
    Make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the children only, bath the children. Take them to swimming, zoo aquarium, places of interest, they would come shopping for me and I had a nanny account. I would organize a cleaner and pay them through my boss. I even prepared a child I cared for 3 years for the entry exam for school (age 4!!!)

    I?m sue I could think of a few other things but they are the main things.

    When you interview you will need to go through all these things????..i went for an interview once and asked the lady if she minded me taking her child on public transport as I had just finished a nanny job where I had my own car and at first she said yes, then as the interview progressed she said no, she offered me the job but I turned it down due to feeling like she wanted me to be locked in the house the whole time, so remember to be honest as you will keep your nanny longer.

    A professional nanny can help with behavior challenges and this has been my greatest achievement with two families I have worked with ? we can have a wealth of knowledge about who you can get help thorough. One family I was working with for 10 weeks, (two days only) before I moved to Aus. The mother was a SAHM who had two boys who were out of control and was pg with number 3. I showed her how to take back control and have fun with her children again, after the first week I was then employed full time and she cried when I left. 3 months later????????.she had another boy!

    GL and im always here if you need to ask anything

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    I think this is a really personal choice. Up until a few years ago i would have used babysitters and nannies and i am sure the majority of them are lovely, trustworthy people. Sadly a couple of years ago a friend of a close relative of mine hired a nanny for her 2 young boys through an agency and she became aware after a couple of months when she came accross a journal of the girls that she had been inviting her boyfriend around when the mum was at work and that they had been abusing the boys she went through a long process to prosecute but the point is you don't really know who you can trust. IMO you can only really trust yourself so i wouldn't risk it. But as i said before it would be in the minority that this would happen but it's very scary.

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    ok i would like to say i was an AU PAIR in america, i have my diploma and have worked in child care for 11 years and i find this to be insulting to me!!

    the other girls and guys(yes guys) that were au pairs from other countries were from child care backgrounds, some were kindergarten teachers!!! the UK maybe different but the au pairs in america are all mostly child care trained!! they all spoke better english than you and me put together!

    so what im saying is please find out some facts when you write these things!!
    For what it's worth AU PAIR's in the UK are usually people (and yes guys too) who do not have any childcare background and they are in the country to study English. this is why they are not called nannies!!! If you were working in the UK with your qualifications then you would be classed as nannies!

    the terminology that they use in other countries may not mean the same, so please don't take offence at what i wrote

    After all this forum is to put out your own personnel experience not to say who is wrong or right

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    Just a reminder that any personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is an interesting thread with some well-considered opinions, let's all play nice so we can keep discussing it

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    Glad i found this thread... I'm going back towork part time next year and am also starting to consider the different options...

    Where we are moving there is only 1 accredited child care centre (my sil works in child care and said i should make sure they're accredited as she knows the rigmarole they go through each time the registration comes up). I also found out there are no family daycare spots, so I'm starting to look at either a nanny or an aupair

    I know this thread started about Nannies, but has anyone had an au pair before and how did it go? As a language teacher I'm really interested in having an au pair and one of my best friends worked as one in Germany and still has contact with the family. I found a website linking au pairs with families and it had info about the pocket money in Aus being $80-200 a week... that seems like quite a range - how much did you give them if you used one?

    It's so hard to work out what to do isn't it?! This week I find myself wondering whether I even want to go back to work... seems weird to think that I'll only have 2 week days to be with him all day... and yet when I did some relief teaching a few months back (emergency situation at school) i really enjoyed it, but it was only for a few hours a day...

    aaaaaaagh - all too much to think about

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    LM - Can I recommend findababysitter.com.au? They list au pairs, nannies and babysitters who are available. It was recommended to me.

    I used them to find our nanny and chose her from several I interviewed. It covers all areas, so you may be lucky... It's not free to register, but much cheaper than using an agency and the arrangement you make with your choice is then private. I posted an ad myself, rather than relying on scouring ads. I got plenty of replies and one was a French girl (since you're interested in languages).

    I am in Sydney, however, and I'm guessing the choice was a lot broader than it might be where you are. But maybe it's worth a look?


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