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Thread: Find a babysitter site

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    Question Find a babysitter site

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Find a babysitter website at all??

    If so...were you happy with the person you found? Was there any problems?

    Or do you know of anyone thats used the service?

    Not having any family down here...or friends that i would just ask to look after the girls so Dh and i could go out....DH is looking into this service.

    Just need some feedback!!


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    I can babysit for you! I just need some warning and i am happy to come to your place while you go out and leave my girls with Al! It is always an option my love..

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    Thanks Cindy

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    Kim my friend is actually on there as a baby sitter and she is about to start her sitting next week, maybe if your going to use it arrange for a meet and get to know you (as I'm sure you would ) before deciding on one.

    hugs xoxo

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    Default babysitting

    When i first arrived here from the uk i didnt know anyone so i used an agency called bopeeps they were good but expensive, i dont have the option of going out as i still dont know many people but i know how hard it is having children and trusting someone to leave your children with, so this is why i am starting to do a bit of babysitting i have sent of for my blue card should be here in a couple of days and i have a police check from the uk and first aid but will need to refresh over here in first aid, i am currently training as a doula aswell, if anyone needs a babysitter on the sunshine coast feel free to e-mail me and get to know me [email protected] many thanks colleen

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    I used the site after it was recommended to me by a colleague. But I was using it to find a nanny for my DD for two-three days a week, rather than just a casual babysitter. After hearing so many horror stories from friends, etc, who'd used agencies for both nannies and babysitters I wanted to control the process myself.

    I got heaps of responses to my ad, interviewed two and loved the first (very experienced, exactly what we wanted and lovely with DD), negotiated her rate and we've been really happy with her. She's been looking after DD for three months now. I only joined for three months, figuring we wanted someone medium-long term so it would probably be longer than twelve months before we'd need it again (and if the first one was no good it wouldn't take three months to figure that out!).

    Good luck, I am in much the same position, no family around and only a few friends close enough (and available enough) to help with the occasional babysit.

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