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Thread: avg age for toilet training

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    I brought Keenan a potty the other day, and we play around with it, put things in it, sit his 'doll' on it etc. I know he's not ready yet, but we've introduced him to it and we'll take it from there when he shows more interest.

    From the minute he was very little and has had 'pants off time' we have said 'look - Keenan is doing a wee' or something like that when he does one so he gets used to the sensation and the word going together... don't know if that's helped, but now when I pop him on the potty, I say 'Do wees in the toilet' and we've had success twice! It also helps that I know his cues and times he's about to go! LOL

    Good luck everyone.

    PS I've heard it's about two years to start as they can then recognise the sensation of having a full bladder and the need 'to go' and can work on it from there a lot easier.

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    We have tried Shayla on the potty a couple of times but it seems to scare her, so we will now a couple of months and try again

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    We are training our DS now; some days are more successful than others. He is 2 and a quarter y.o.

    He is able to warn us and we get to the potty and wait and wait and sometimes nothing happens. He is better at wees than poos.

    I don't understand why people are teaching their 2y.o sons to wee while standing! I would have though this would be disasterous. My DH said he was always taught to wee seated as a child so we are going with that and there's never a mess.

    Our biggest hurdle is helping our DS to feel comfortable doing poos without his nappy on. When he feels it coming he begs us to put his nappy back on or usually does it when he is in his cot when we aren't around. We praise him when he does it in the potty but I think he feels more out of control in that department. We don't want to have a negative impact on all of this so are remaining very calm and hoping that time will sort the issue out.

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