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    Angry Baby Love

    We bought a 24 pack of toddler baby love, only to have 6, thats right SIX! of them have the tabs break off before even getting them on Jovie. Luckily we are mainly cloth nappy users, but gees... that 1/4 of the pack.

    I've written them a letter telling them its not good enough.

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    hopefully they'll be as nice as kimberly clark (huggies) and send you some free stuff - usually with huggies you only need one in a pack to break and they send a whole pack of whatever it is you bought.

    i must say i'm not finding disposables in general what they used to be both in manufacture and overall holding capacity

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    I just read this thread and went and checked my packet lol i just recently bought 143 packet or 148 can't remember of baby love nappies for 25 bucks.. so i went through them all and checked it. Good on you for writing the letter though, that's shocking

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    i brought some baby love the other week and they dont last for night use they leaked and DD was wet all over her clothes!! they were cheap thats why i got them and i normally buy aldi brand, i have never had a leak from them!!

    i was not happy!! i havent wrote to them..

    hope you get a answer from them soon!!

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    Give them all, they should replace them. Have the packet on hand incase they need a batch number. I used to test the Babylove nappies along with other brands the company makes and tab strength was one of the questions. So very odd that a bad batch would get through like that. Not the first time though I have heard of this in the past month though, so they need to know that something has gone wrong.

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    I found the same thing happened with Nature BabyCare brand when I switched from Huggies, but I guess I was just rough with them.

    Not nice on the BabyLove though! Hope they give you goodies.

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    A friend of mine last year wrote a letter to complain about the BabyLove nappies giving her daughter a rash.

    She wasn't expecting a reply or anything ... I think she just felt better venting your complaint on paper & posting it

    ... Anyway, a short time later in her mail she received a $30 refund & a letter mentioning they would look into the matter

    She didn't know what the $30 was meant to cover ?? As she had sent no receipt with the letter & mentioned no cost involved with her purchasing or how big the pkt of nappies were.

    Needless to say she was very impressed & thought that was fantastic customer service

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    I had a pack of diapers where the tabs fell off of about 8 of them in a pack of 40. I phoned the company and they sent me a coupon for a free pack. I didn't have to show a receipt or anything either!

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