thread: Bum Creams!!

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    Apr 2007

    Bum Creams!!

    I think DS has had a reaction to carrot, which has caused a rash on his bum. I know you can't put too many creams on their bum's if they are in cloth, but is there anything I could use to help ease it for him?

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    I use a zinc cream like sudocrem. Also our day carer recommended he have no nappy time where there is a bit of mild sun and that really helps whenever our DS have a bit of a rash.

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    Oct 2007

    I use Lucas Pawpaw ointment! Its good for lipbalm too

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    Zinc and Castor Oil - every time. It cheap too.

    NOt sure how it goes on cloth tho.

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    most creams with cloth you'll need a liner!!

    i prefer simmons paw paw salve as it contains no petrochemicals, or if bad daktozin cream, bepathan is great as well, that and air time

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    Brauer's Nappy Rash Relief is fantastic. I was a Lucas's user but since trying Brauer's I'm converted. As stated above, just chuck a liner on if you don't already

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    Jan 2007

    Not sure about the cloth thing but we have used the Aromababy Barrier Balm since Izzy was born and she's hardly ever had any rash, although she has had a little one in the last few days and I never even thought carrot would do it!!
    I love it because it's all natural and although the large tub is $25 I've only bought one since she was born! There is a little one for about $8.
    Good luck!

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    Apr 2007

    Thanks everyone, I've got some bepathan so will try that tonight with a liner. I didn't even think of using a liner!!!
    Tan - I didn't think carrot would do it either

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    Jul 2006
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    We have used sudocream since DD was 5 days old. When we were using cloth we always used a disopasable liner and it didn't effect the nappies absorption. We give nappy off time every morning for at least 30 minutes. She has had 2 nappy rashes...when this occurs we pack on the sudocream, change her nappy every 3 hours maximum, and give multiple nappy off times a day and it clears up within a day or two. Good luck with the bepathan..haven't used it. Poor bubba.

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    One thing I used if something has caused a reaction and will do so till it os out of their system is petroleum jelly.. It acts as a barrier same as any other cream does. If he has a rash then get that cleared up first then use the PJ as a barrier for a day or so..

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    Sep 2006

    Aromababy Barrier Balm is fantastic. DD's never had a nappy rash and we've used it from when she was tiny.

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    May 2006

    My little one is in full time cloth nappies and always has lotion on his bum with a liner inbetween.

    I use, Gaia Natural Baby Skin Soothing Lotion. It is a pure, all natural, allergy free lotion. It contains beeswax, zinc and castor oil which make an ideal healing skin care barrier.

    Caeleb has never had nappy rash. We've been using this product (actually the whole range - it's all just fabulous!) now for about four months and I couldn't give it a higher recommendation. It's only $9.95 for a bottle, a little really does go a long way and it smells divine!

    Good luck, HTH.

    Celsie. xoxox

    p.s. Like the others have mentioned, nappy free time is really important too, not to mention fun!!!

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    lansinoh will clear it up quicksmart alsowont stain clothes (its that nipple cream if ya not sure)

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    Feb 2006

    lee what causes the reddness is when urine and faeces come in to contact with each other, is he teething???

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    Apr 2007

    I think he is teething, but have been told that his gums are too hard at the moment to get any teeth for at least a week or so, but I still think that the teeth are bothering him, as his fingers are always in his mouth rubbing his bottom gums. This is the first time that he has ever had a rash of sorts, which is the main reason why I think it's the carrot, its caused him to poo 3-4 times yesterday, and the rash showed up this morning, I did notice redness last night, but just put that down to him wearing a sposie while we were out. Have put him to bed now with the bepathan and a liner so will see how he goes. I have got some zinc and caster oil cream, so may try that if the bepathan doesn't work.
    Thanks again girls

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    Yep, SUDOCREM is the WINNER !!!!!!

    I can you tell you I spent a ton of money$ trying allsorts of bum creams and this one was the only one that truely worked !!

    My baby Health Nurse recommended it. She said you must use a nappy-rash cream that has ZINC in it. This health nurse knows her stuff as she has been doing her job for years and she is well known amongst us Mum's here in Ballarat (population 85,000).

    Yeh, give it a whirl ... Hope you little one's skin gets better soon

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    Dandy Ranges ;)

    moo goo!

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