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Thread: Cloth toilet training pull up nappies

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    Question Cloth toilet training pull up nappies

    Hi I'm trying to figure out what brand and/or type of cloth pull-ups for when my DD start TT. She's 16 months now, so I'm thinking maybe this summer I can get it started. You know, "let's do a wee in the big girl toilet" sort of thing and I'd rather not have to struggle getting her to lie still while i do up cloth nappies all the time.

    What brands do you use? What were the estimate costs? And I'm also confused about what size to get. What were the average weights of your kids when they were TT?

    I'd like to put a bunch on layby and don't want to buy the wrong ones. I estimate that she'd be about 12kg at the end of the year. But if i bought ones for say 9-15kg, would I be starting too early? Should I get the bigger size? Then again, pull-ups would make nappy change easier.

    What are your thoughts? I currently use terry squares, extra terry booster (some new bamboo or hemp- can't remember which- are coming in the post) and microfleece with a Tots Bots polar fleece cover. Its working very well. Whenever she appears a little tight or uncomfortable or has nappy rash, I put her in Huggies for 1-2 nappy changes.

    Feel free to tell me how you do things.

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    Hi Peg,
    I could have replied to this on baby buddies, but oh well!
    I have a friend who got some really cheap training pants from Best and Less and she's been really happy with them... might be worth a look. Her DD is just over 2, but is quite small for her age.

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    Hi pegasus, sorry i can't answer all your questions, we're not quite at the toilet training stage! But i can help a little.

    There are some WAHM's who make custom pull up nappies fot TT, one that i know of is catnaps. If you emailed her she would be able to help you with sizes. Not sure on the price but you can look on the website. Just google catnaps honeyboy.

    Terry squares! What a brave woman, you should check out some MCN.

    ETA- there is lots of info on nappycino about pull up training pants, i was going to pm you the link but i can't! check out nappycino, very helpful website.

    ETA- i just cut and paste this from a NC thread on the topic. Posted by gigi!
    imse vimse organic velour trainers (at nurture nappies)
    imse vimse soft PUL trainers (at little koala)
    bumware trainers ( at brindabella baby)
    motherease bedwetter pants
    Little Beetle trainers
    Little Beetle woollen underpants (at Nurture Nappies)
    custom made one wet pants (at Noonee Wilga) made to fit your child
    Simple Simon trainers medium is 7 - 12 kg (Twins in CLoth store at ozebaby)
    Blueberry trainers, small is 9 - 13kg (at the weewuns)
    Bongo Baby's Econix (at bongo baby)
    Starbunz (at darlings downunder)
    Happy Heiny (at the wee wuns ) small is 9 - 14kg - pocket style
    Bummis trainers

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    pegasus Guest


    Thanks for that Ange, I'll look them up. I was given a dozen squares for Xmas 2006 and I had another dozen on layby. I never found out about MCN until DD was several months old. Kym, do those cloth training pants from BigW require stuffing or a nappy underneath? I never thought they'd be so cheap.

    I have much research to do then.... thanks ladies xoxo

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    i have seen the best and less ones. They are like big undies with extra padding in the wet zone IYKWM, so they would catch a little, but not a whole wee......

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    pegasus Guest


    Ok I've narrowed that list down to 4 choices:

    Starbunz Super Undies from DDU at $24

    Happy Heiny Pocket Trainers from DDU at $26.95

    Bummis Trainer Pants from DDU at $16 for white, $18 for print

    Little Beetle Training Pants from NN at $20

    For the shape, I'm thinking Starbunz, more smooth and trim. Most of them need stuffing. I'm hoping my Kissaluv boosters that I've ordered will be useful. I'd rather get some that can absorb at least one wee. What do you all think?

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