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Thread: Help my 3 year old won't toilet train!

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    Default Help my 3 year old won't toilet train!

    I've been trying to train my 3 year old son, I started with a potty at 2 years before and after a bath. Sometimes he'd go other times he'd get up announce 'no' and walk off.
    I've been trying now on the toilet for around 6 months, I bought one of the seats with stairs and handles as he appeared to be scared of the toilet. I have a draw full of big boy jocks, so for the last 3 months we've been in jocks (pull-up's before that). But with no success, he constantly wets them or dirties them, it's horrible! I put him on the toilet every 15 / 20 Min's and he'll get off then go off and wet. It's become so bad that now I'm pregnant I've put him back into pull-ups, I can't deal with the clean up job as I've got my head permanently over the toilet with morning sickness! I've tried the rewards programs of sticker charts, a lolly/ treat every time he goes but with no success. I'm stuck and unsure how to proceed, I've been offered so much advice from family and friends I'm going insane!!!!
    I've sat and explained why we use the toilet a hundred times and when I change him I ask where it goes, Josh states it goes in the toilet so he's got some idea.
    My daughter trained by 2.5 years with no dramas I'm worried that my son's going to be in pull-ups at his 5th birthday at this rate!

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    he won't be at pull-ups at his 5th birthday party.
    I guess that he's just not ready to learn yet. Some children learn later and others earlier. I have the oposite scenario. My firstborn didn't learn until he was over 3 but number 2 is learning already and he's only just 2.
    Putting pressure on when he's not ready will just stress you both out so maybe the best thing to do is just put him back in nappies and wait for while then try again.
    They can often regress with change so if you do teach him in a few months he might go backwards again after your baby arrives.

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    I only have girls, but have heard that putting a ping pong ball in the toilet to 'aim' for is a good way to make boys like going wees. If you have him sitting on the toilet he might have an aversion to it anyways, maybe Dad needs to show him how to do it standing? Also make it a fun time to flush the toilet and wave *bye bye* to the wees or poos as you flush it. If he has some toddler fun in the process you are more likely to hit on success.

    Don't stress too much, he's only just turned 3, he will get there I'm sure. If he is still in the same place in 3-6 months you might want to take him to the doc just to make sure there's no medical reason for it. But still not stress out too much.

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    I only have girls but have heard that boys can take longer.

    I personally would stop and wait until 1. the weather is warmer and 2. when he is a little more ready.

    Don't let your friends/family make you feel bad or pressured as this will only make things worse. By putting pressure on both of you it is only going to make things worse he is probably just not ready plus the colder weather makes it impossible.

    Good luck

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    Hi i have been frequenting these threads for a while getting advice for my 3 y/o aswell.. here are the links maybe you may find some tips on there

    good luck hun, i sympathise with you i have little less then 3 weeks left til the second bubs arrives... thought he'd be trained by now...

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