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    Default homemade disposable wipes

    Hey there,

    Whilst I am trying to get my head around MCN and the covers and trying to convince DP that's the way to go over disposable (You want to spend $600 on nappies?????) I have been thinking about the wipes I used to make.

    I got the receipe from a 'Grass Roots' mag, this was 6 years ago now though lol.

    I used to tear up a whole roll of paper towel into bits, and layer them in an airtight container.
    I made a mixture of boiled water, base oil (olive I think?) and a certain number of drops each of *I think* lavender EO and Teatree EO. I then poured the mixture over the paper towel and I had a good weeks worth of wipes.

    I can't remember the exact measurements or details of what, and considering its EO's I don't want to just guess.

    Has anyone used this receipe and can help me out or can recommend another natural as possible one for disposable wipes? I hate those shop ones, they smell like a batch of chemicals.

    Before I used the wipes receipe, I used to use cotton wool and baby lotion. I noticed that that's kind of not around anymore, what do others use besides the cloth wipes that you wash?


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    Tara, I am pretty sure there was a thread about this a while back. I will see if I can find it for you.

    ETA - Here it is HTH
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    Wow thanks for these!! im sick of buying the sposie ones from shops - they cost a fortune!

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    Caro - you are a source of knowledge! Thanks so much! There's heaps to go on there. I found another that uses the EO's but I was reading the ozclothnappy site last night and they said to be very wary of using EO's especially Teatree and to find out for sure if it's safe. Does anyone use EO's (diluted heavity of course) in a mix to clean bubs bum?

    Sherie, thanks so much for that link too.

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    until DS was about 4 months i used tissues and baby lotion as wipes would give him bad nappy rash, i have just started using face washers and warm water, and will be using these for next bub too.

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    how long do they last before you need to replace them?? I'm stopping everything sposie, just bought cloth liners for anneliese's cloth nappies, now looking at cloth wipes. how much are they?

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    i promise i wont bid - i have no money LOL! but i wouldnt do it anyway, its not right. good luck!

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    Will keep it in mind though I go through that amount of sposie wipes in a month!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B456 View Post
    Don't need to replace - well I haven't so far. I just soak them in a nappy bucket , and wash when I need to - Had same ones for about 1 yr. .

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