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    Default Ideas pls?

    Around 10 days ago Adara started taking off her nappy in the morning & taking me to the toilet to wee. She did that everyday & it got harder to put her nappies back on, so last Sun I bought her a toilet step & seat & some undies and she was more excited than Xmas! She'd wanted undies & shown interest in the loo for 6mths so I figured she must be ready.

    Sun afternoon, Mon & Tues were great with her using the loo w/out any accidents. We even went out for 3hrs & she used a toilet there. She was very excited & hyper, spent alot of time running around the house like a lunatic yelling 'big girl!'. She also decided she wants a bed instead of her cot & would jump into my DSD's bed with teddy after lunch when she goes for her nap & we had a few probs getting her into her cot. Then all of a sudden the tantrums were back. She started the T2s at around 18mths old but they'd been getting better & she'd been really good for a few wks. Wed & Thurs the tantrums were worse than ever & she had a few accidents. Since Fri she's pretty much refused going the toilet at all.

    I'm not sure what to do, she knows exactly when she needs to go & can do it all but has decided not to. I *think* she's freaking out a bit about it all and that's why the tanties came back but I'm not sure. Is it normal for bad behavior to creep in when they tt? Do you think I should stop & wait til she's ready again or is there something I can do now to help her? I read that putting them back in nappies can crush a toddler. Any ideas would be great!

    ETA - After reading my post I decided to put her back in nappies for now & wait til she asks about it again but after a huge struggle to get on she ripped it off yelling 'no no! go toilet!!'. What am I supposed to do?? I think she doesn't want nappies or the toilet really!

    Also, the smallest undies I found were size 2-3 but my itty-bitty kiddy is only 9.5kgs and in a size 0-1 so they almost fall off. Anyone know if you can get smaller sizes anywhere?

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    I guess perseverence, maybe try to explain to her she can make a big persons decxision, Would she prefer to wear nappies again, or does she really want to be a big girl & wear undies? Maybe you can get her to tell some people (aunties, grandparents, friends etc, etc) about how she wears undies now, really amke it a special thing...
    Also I know Maddy was tiny for her size 2-3 undies too & they were SO baggy... I went to Springvale & bought underwear from the Asian shops there, as they were smaller.
    I also got character ones from the Asian market stalls at the markets!!

    Good Luck, I am not sure I have offered anything helpful tho, I'm sure your during everything already!

    Good Luck!!!

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    Can't really help you with your main issue - cause I'm having all the troubles in the world with toilet training DS - very much a hit and miss science for us but wrt undies would she consider training pants (the terry towelling ones to be undies???? cause they tend to have a smaller leg hole and I have found the cheaper ones tend to shrink a bit (eg best and less - not much but maybe enough to help you)

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    Have you tried using pullup's instead of nappies, she might not be able to get them off then and they are kind of like undies, maybe say that they are special undies??

    Just a thought if you haven't already tried it

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    mama mel Guest


    Well today she had a 50% success rate. Not good but a lot better than the last couple of days. When I knew it was about time for her to go I asked her if she wanted toilet or nappy n she said toilet and would sit on it & go then but if I didn't ask she wouldn't go & she wouldn't sit on the toilet at other times. I just want to forget all about it and do it later but she won't!!! If she had've left it up to me I wouldn't have bothering with all of this for another 6-12mths!

    I can't help but feel I've done something wrong to make her not want to go anymore. Although I've told dh it's all his fault LOL

    Springy's a great idea Tracey. I used to go to asian shops when I was tiny but that was a few yrs ago now so I forgot all about it lol.

    Bec - Yeah she wears pull ups for her naps now but even thy're huge and baggy on her! Smallest size is 'up to 15kgs'.

    Jaspen - Good idea I'll try em if things don't get any better soon. I can get those on her...

    Oh the joys of raising a headstrong, stubborn, independent littlie!

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    I've had good days and bad days with Angus.
    He was the instigator for the toilet training too. He just took his nappy off one day and weed in the toilet like his brother.
    Today for example he was off and weeing on the toilet, but later this afternoon stood and wet his pants in the kitchen :-k I try not to over analyse it. He screams blue murder if I try to put a nappy on him for his nap or a car trip.

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    She had a perfect day today woohoo! \/

    I guess I just need to keep going & eventually we'll have more n more good days..

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