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Thread: MCN all in ones - newborn

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    Default MCN all in ones - newborn

    Am wanting to start getting organised and work out what I need. I really want to become part of the MCN club so am looking for advice on what is best when starting out with a newborn.

    I was interested in the one size fits all - gone blank on what they are called, I put all in ones in my thread header but I mean the one size ones - lol, has anyone any advice on what brands really do fit etc, or should I be getting newborn ones. I am trying to look cost affective as unfortunately my discovery was to late and this will definately be our last baby and therefore only baby using mcn. I do usually pre-fold my own flats (I am not sure whether I am saying this right ), but it generally only lasts a couple of weeks before I throw in the towel. I am also out alot so need to look at the convenience side. So really want a mcn to use from birth as I know I will cave if I use my old ones.


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    Hey Kristy,

    Join in the cloth nappy thread at the top of this forum - you'll find heaps of info there! One sized fitted nappies... Baby Beehinds are really popular. I think they're designed to fit from around 4kg+ so may be a little bulkier on a smaller bub for a few weeks. With this next bub we'll mainly be using bamboo flats and the Baby Beehinds.

    Have you thought about getting a few prefolds (similar to flats but they have absorbant panels & don't really require folding as such) to use for the first couple of weeks and then moving onto the one sized nappies once bub's grown a bit?

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    i have been looking at a type called poopockets , these are one size fits all (well actually they have a preemie/newborn size too) but they dont have any snaps/velcro and will require pins/snappis to do them up i am going to buy the pattern and give some to friends with babys of varios ages to test for me before bub comes along )

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