thread: Nature Babycare sposies from W'Worths?

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    Nature Babycare sposies from W'Worths?

    I have been looking at these eco disposables in Woolworths and they only stock 3 sizes across all the stores. The smallest size is for 7-18kg. I am a first time mum-to-be and a bit unsure, but these seem to be too big to go on a newborn! Has anyone else tried these nappies or know what to do for a newborn re eco dispoable nappies?
    Many thanks!

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    There are several 'eco-nappies' but they range in their environmental impact (see current thread on 'eenees'). Some brands include eenees, seventh generation, bambos, safeties and moltex. Sometimes the environmental part is a bit of a marketing ploy unfortunately and it can be hard to dig under all of that. I personally use bambos which I get online but am considering switching to a modern cloth nappy if I can be convinced their is less environmental impact with water and chemical use.
    Hope this helps.
    ps. yep you are right - the sizes are too big for a newborn.

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    Hi Deirdre, I use mainly cloth, but when I do use sposies, I use the Nature babycare ones.
    I have size 3 at the moment which is for 4 - 9kgs, and i think they'd too big on a newborn.. well they would have been way too big on MY newborn! They do come in smaller ones though, and I saw them just the other day in newborn size when I bought a new pack of the size I get. I got them from Coles. I havent seen them in Woolies at all - my local Woolies only stocks Huggies and the Woolies brand, so maybe could try having a look in Coles?
    I actually find them to be just as good as the other brands, and she even wears them overnight without any leakage. They're pretty comparable in price as well to Huggies.

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    That's interesting Karina. I have checked 5 Woolworths stores here in Perth and Woolworths online shop and they all start at size 4 and only have sizes 4, 4+ and 5. I have looked in 2 Coles and couldn't find them! I might ask the grocery manager at a Coles if you saw them there. I even tried the helpline number on the nappy packet but there has been a recorded message there for 2 weeks soI gave up. Glad to hear that they 'perform' well!

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    Oh really?? Thats wierd.
    I know at my local Coles, they dont seem to stock many packs of them. They stock masses of Huggies, but not much of anything else. I only ever see about 6 packs of each size of the nature ones. They usually only have size 1 (newborns), 3 (which is the one we get - 4 to 9kg) and then sometimes size 4 and 5. The size 1's have blue on the packet and I think you only get a small number, like 28 or something. And they always put them right up on the top shelf with some other random products. Took me a while to find them as they arent in any logical order in my Coles...! mybe they just dont sell them very widely in perth?

    hope you can find some soon. there are other "eco" disposable nappies too.

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    I just looked them up on the net, the website says:

    Q: Are there separate nappies for boys and girls?

    A: Nature babycare is a unisex nappy available in six sizes.
    And then found this:

    Biodegradable, disposable nappies. Nature Babycare Nappies are available in Newborn, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi Plus and Junior sizes
    Maxi are 7-18kgs. I just started using these yesterday, so far so good. Except was used to Huggies and the Naty ones aren't as robust, I pulled the tabs off!

    Found this on another site ... (nappyreview dot com dot au)

    Newborn (2-5kg), 28 nappies
    Mini (3-6kg), 46 nappies
    Midi (4-9kg), 38 nappies
    Maxi (7-18kg), 34 nappies
    Maxi+ (9-20kg), 32 nappies
    Junior (11-25kg), 30 nappies

    1. Newborn - $11 per pack
    2. Other Sizes - $18.50 per pack

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