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Thread: Need some advice regarding TT

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    Default Need some advice regarding TT

    I`m after some advice about TT.

    A few months back I thought Matthew was on his way to TT (#2`s) as he hated pooey nappies, as soon as he had a yucky nappy he`d tell me so I brought him a potty which he really hasn`t taken too, I put him into training pants and he was quite happy to walk around in wet pants, okay so he`s not ready with the #1 department which is fine by me but he hated pooey nappies until recently, now he`s quite happy to wear a yucky pooey nappy, again this is okay I see he`s not ready.

    My problem is when putting Matthew down for his day nap, I put a clean nappy on him, I then put him into his cot and we have our big cuddles and kiss time before telling him to have a big sleep for MUmmy but before I even get out of the room he tells me he has a yucky nappy, I change him put him back he then asks for "drink please" so I get him a drink then hugs and kisses again and Mummy tells him to have a good sleep.

    Now how do I get Matthew to do this poo in the potty, this routine of poo and drink please has only just begun in the last week, I think he might be stalling for time. I have tried putting him on the potty, but it only lasts for all off 20 seconds then he wants his nappy on.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?

    Oh I`ve also put him into his cot before changing his nappy hoping to catch his poo in his dirty nappy but he`s not happy about this and wants a clean nappy on to do his poo in

    I thought about maybe buying one of those seats for the toilet, do you think he might perfer this? He sees Mummy, Daddy and big brothers go to the toilet.

    It`s only this one poo I`d like to go somewhere else other then his nappy as I`m sure he knows what he is doing.

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    I would try the big toilet seat thing. my boys never liked the potty's. I had an opposite problem to you though my eldest especially hated pooing in the toilet so would go in his pants in the end I said he either pooed in the toilet or in a nappy so we went back to nappies for poo's. when he needed to go he would come tell me..

    I guess if you have time you could sit him on the toilet just before his day nap and turn it into story time and tell him to do #2 while you read to him..

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    I"ve got the big seat thing for the toilet but Alex just likes to sit on it.

    Try not to stress if he's not going on the potty as he will do it when he is ready. I tried so hard when TT Kimberley and in the end she did it all on her own. I think that is the best way to do it is for them to lead you and not try too much with them.

    I've not started with Alex yet as he's only just starting to realise when he is going to the toilet. I got something from the CYN and it said anything from 2.5 till 4 for TTing and most kids are not trained at night and still wet until they are 8.

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