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    Question Night-Time Toilet Training

    How do I do it??

    Zander pretty much did the day time toilet training on his own, but I have no idea how to go about night-times. He can have his day sleep with undies on without a problem, just does a wee before & after he goes to bed. He's waking up of a morning now barely wet, maybe one wee in his nappy whereas a few weeks ago he was waking up soaked. So how do I teach him about not weeing overnight, or getting up to go to the loo / potty in the dark?? He doesn't like leaving his room of a night once all the lights are of......

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    Sarah, when we did this with Miss Olivia, we talked it through for ages first. She came with me to choose additional sheets and some mattress protectors etc.

    The we made a big deal out of her being "such a big girl" etc.

    I explained to her how I would leave the loo light on for her all night, and that we would leave her little step for her in the right spot.

    The first few times she woke, went to the loo, then came and told us, LOL! (Think 3am in the morning!)

    But then the novelty wore off. And to be honest, she probably only gets up now once in a blue moon for a wee in the middle of the night........but she is VERY keen to get to the loo first thing!


    ETA She was a bit scared at first that she would wet the bed......but I just reassurred that if she did she just needed to come and get me & we would fix her bed up.......she only wet the bed once.......and she was more worried about wetting her Betty Boop jammies than anything else........

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    Violet chose not to wear a nappy... we would ask her if she wanted a nappy and she always said no. She only wets a bed probably once a fortnight. She was always waking with dry nappies so I didn't see the point of putting one on her.

    Emily used to really good, but now she will wet the bed. I have no idea why she has reverted, but she doesn't have a nappy, I have ran out and I will not be buying anymore. I have told her that we will leave the toilet light on if she wakes up during the night. I have also told her if she wants to she can come and wake me if she needs some help.

    Is Zander still calling out for you of a night? If he is maybe you could put him on the toilet? Maybe that is part of the reason he wakes (if he still is)?

    Good luck

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    Kam in the last couple of months has just stopped going during the night. We were using pullups for night time. Ended up doing if you can last a week you can have special jocks that you can choose. Now he wears his own chosen jocks when he goes to bed

    Lach on the other hand night trained a week after being day trained all by himself no promoting nothing from us. So he was trained the week after he turned 3 and in that time has only wet the bed once which was just last week.

    Kameron will still have the odd accident, but it only seems to be when we have the white sheet on his bed.. LOL


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    We just noticed rylan waking up dry each morning so i asked him the next night if he wanted to wear his undies instead and he said yes so i made sure he did wees before bed and not giving him much to drink late and put a towel down just incase and i went and checked him 2 or 3 times before i went to bed and he was dry everytime, so he hasnt worn nappies since and he doesnt wake through the night to wee either and he usually doesnt wee until 30 mins or so after he wakes up

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